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Chapter 308: The First Elder Was Going to Visit Ye Changge

“What’s going on?” Li Zhantian asked in confusion.

He had just come out of seclusion when he felt a powerful aura rising into the sky and engulfing the entire Li family.

That was why he hurried over.

When he realized that this aura was coming from Li Miaoxian’s small courtyard, his expression suddenly tensed. He thought that Li Miaoxian’s extreme yin chill had broken through the restrictions of the array formation.

This was a matter of great importance to the Li family, and he could not afford to be careless.

“First elder, Xian ‘er has broken through to become an Emperor!”

Li Changtian’s voice was trembling.

Never mind the Li family, even in the heavenly capital city, Emperors were rare existences. Without a doubt, Xian ‘er’s status would skyrocket.

When that time came, even he, the head of the family, would not have a higher status than her. However, he was not jealous. All he had was boundless joy.

After all, no matter how high her status was, she would still be his daughter.


Li Zhantian was shocked.

After becoming an Emperor, he felt as if he was in a dream. In just a short month, Li Miaoxian had directly become an Emperor from the Tribulation Transcendent Realm.

No matter how he thought about it, he felt that it was a bit ridiculous.

Right at this moment…

The aura in the sky became more and more domineering. Spiritual energy continuously gathered and surged in the sky above the small courtyard. It gathered into a vortex and was angled downwards. It was like the Milky Way or the nine heavens had fallen. The aura was majestic and magnificent.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three morning cries rang out, and golden lotuses bloomed in the air. Each lotus leaf contained the essence of the Great Dao, and laws of order interweaved. The principles of the heavens and earth roared as they gathered, illuminating the sky.

Li Miaoxian had reached a critical moment.

Her figure floated in the air, surrounded by light and laws of the void. The aura of a mid-stage Emperor surged out, and at that moment, an icy aura swept out.


At that moment, all the members of the Li family felt a chill run down their spines. It was as if they were in an ice cellar. Not only their bodies, but even their spiritual energy and dantian were frozen.

This was even under Li Miaoxian’s control, but it was already so terrifying.

If she released all of it, the entire heavenly capital would be frozen into a city of ice.

“How… how can the cold be so terrifying? !”

Li Zhantian was shocked.

In the past, Li Miaoxian’s cold was not as terrifying as it was now, even though he was not used to it. Just now, he even felt his soul tremble.

He was a mid-stage Emperor Realm expert. If Li Miaoxian suddenly attacked him in the future, no one would be able to defend against her attack.

Not only that, Li Miaoxian broke through t

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