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Chapter 320: Nether Spirit Claw, Netherworld Elder

“Elder Mo, please make your move and protect the pride of our Mu clan!”

In the Mu clan’s camp, Mu Batian respectfully said something to the black clothed man.

At this moment, Mu Wufa did not dare to be the slightest bit presumptuous.

Although he could act tyrannically in the Heavenly Capital City, in front of this black clothed man, he was like an obedient child. He knew the identity of this old man.

Although the people from the Great Luo Heavenly Palace were just ordinary outer sect elders, they were not people they could easily provoke.

The Great Luo Heavenly Palace.

The northern desert’s super powers. Even the Sunset Immortal Sect was like an infant in front of them. They did not have any ability to resist their power.

Not to mention their small clan.

“You can act, but I want your family’s Fire Shadow Clone.”

Elder Mo said coldly.

Mu Batian hesitated. The Fire Shadow Clone was their family’s movement technique. Elder Mo had mentioned it once before, but he had cleverly changed the topic.

This time, it was clearly not going to be easy. The other party’s meaning was also very clear. If he did not give it to him, he would not act at all.

He pondered for a moment, then nodded solemnly and said, “Alright, deal. As long as you, Elder Mo, help my Mu family to salvage our reputation, I will directly give you the Fire Shadow Clone.”

Although his identity was important, the Mu family’s reputation was clearly more important in today’s situation.

This was all caused by the Li family. He never thought that Li Miaoxian would be so powerful. She defeated him directly and even caused him to lose his family’s cultivation technique.

At this moment…

Li Miaoxian, who was in the arena, directly returned to the Li family’s camp. Because Ye Changge had just transmitted his voice to her. Senior Ye wanted to make a personal appearance.

This caused her to be slightly surprised.

Ning Manman also did not expect this and said in astonishment, “Master, they’re just some weaklings. There’s no need for you to make a move. I’ll just do it for you.”

Li Changtian also did not expect that things would turn out like this.

Li Zhantian had lost. Fortunately, Li Miaoxian had directly defeated Mu Batian and fiercely vented her anger. However, the other party’s camp actually still dared to make a move.

Moreover, this black-clothed man was quite strange. Even his first elder could not guess at his strength.

One could imagine how powerful this black-clothed man was. The reason why Ye Changge had made a move was not because Li Miaoxian could not defeat him herself.

Instead, it was because this black-clothed man’s background was extremely extraordinary. Mu Batian was very careful when he spoke and had set up a defensive formation around him.

However, nothing could be hidden from his ears.

Great Luo Heavenly Palace.

He had heard o

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