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Normally, a father would have a special constitution, and the children he gave birth to would most likely also have a special constitution.

But he had already seen it just now. Li Changtian could not be any more ordinary. He definitely did not have a special constitution.

Then this trait would appear in Li Miaoling’s mother’s body. However, according to Li Miaoling, her mother had already died when she was young.

There must be some other secrets. People who could give birth to special physiques were definitely not ordinary.

In the evening, the moon was bright and the stars were sparse.

A figure flew out under the moonlight and came to Li Miaoling’s courtyard. He touched the array with his palm and indeed, he felt a bone-chilling cold.

“Extreme Yin cold qi!”

His guess was right. This was the Extreme Yin cold qi that could destroy the world.

He could not confirm it during the day, but after feeling it, he was very sure that this was the Extreme Yin cold qi.

Then, a burst of light erupted from his palm. A crack suddenly appeared at the edge of the formation, and his figure entered without any hindrance.

As soon as he entered, he felt a wave of ice-cold qi that blotted out the sky and covered the earth. It pounced on him, wanting to freeze him into an ice sculpture.

However, with a flash of light from his body, a fiery aura forced the cold aura back. Then, he looked at the ice sculpture courtyard in front of him.

This figure was Ye Changge.

“Who is it?”

At this moment, an ethereal voice came from inside the house.

Immediately after, the door opened and a figure wearing a long white dress walked out slowly.

Her face was pale and her features were like a painting. Her thin red lips gave off a seductive aura. It was Li Miaoling’s sister.

Li Miaoxian! The owner of the lunar mystic body!

When she saw that Ye Changge was safe and sound in the courtyard, she quickly covered her red lips with her small hands. She was clearly surprised.

It had been several years since anyone had come to this courtyard. Even her father and sister were chatting with her through the array formation and did not dare to enter the courtyard.

This cold air was too terrifying. Even quasi-emperors would be in danger if they were careless.

For the safety of her sister and father, she would not let them in.

But at this moment…

This man had appeared directly. The cold air around him did not affect him at all.

This made her very surprised.

“Who are you? You’re not afraid of the cold air here?”

Li Miaoxian stared at the man in front of her with a glint in her eyes.

Anyone who touched this aura would turn into an ice sculpture and lose their breath.

But the man in front of her was completely fine.

“I’m here to save you. I can make you become like an ordinary person, able to walk out of this courtyard and live a normal life!”

As Ye Changge spoke, he glanced at the locatio

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