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Chapter 313: Mu Wufa’s Rage

“This young master wants this magic treasure!”

A sharp voice sounded.

Ning Manman heard the voice and looked over. She saw a man dressed in fancy clothing walking over with a guard beside him. He was at the mid-stage Quasi-emperor Realm.

The expressions of the other people who were here changed when they saw this man.

“It’s actually Mu Wufa. This beast is simply lawless in the capital city. I think he’s taken a liking to this woman. Sigh!”

“This lady is in danger. I don’t know how many women have been ruined by him. He’s truly devoid of conscience.”

“You’re wrong. I think these two ladies can’t escape his devilish palm technique. Who asked him to have a powerful father?!”

Everyone discussed animatedly and sighed.

In the capital, this person was tyrannical. Those who wanted to act could not stand it and were suppressed.

They were all beaten to death by his guards, and some were even captured by Mu Wufa. After being tortured, they were hung on the city wall to swear allegiance to him.

Countless women had been raped by him, and those who had been raped were powerless to resist Mu Wufa’s dominance.

He had made the entire heavenly capital a mess, and no one liked him anymore. However, it was useless.

His father was a mid-stage Great Emperor, and no one in the entire heavenly capital was a match for him other than the Li family.

The Li family could not stand it either, and they attacked appropriately and when they could. However, it was hard for two fists to block four hands. In other words, the Li family wanted to handle it secretly but they were also powerless.

This was also the reason why everyone was helpless. If it was not for Mu Batian’s existence, Mu Wufa would have been killed long ago.

A person who bullied women like this was not a true man..

“Boss, I want this thing.”

Mu Wufa looked at the shopkeeper and said. After saying that, he looked at Ning Manman with a bright glint in his eyes.

He swore that he had never seen such a beautiful woman. Most importantly, there was another woman dressed in white beside him. She had an aloof and arrogant disposition, and she was even more devastatingly beautiful.

At this moment, Mu Wufa could not do anything but fall for her. He swore that he would definitely get his hands on this woman.

Ning Manman listened to everyone’s discussion without saying a single word. Her gaze gradually turned cold, and her entire body’s aura directly soared.

It was fine that she had never met such a beast. Now that she had met one, she would definitely teach him a good lesson.

She would take revenge for those women who had been humiliated by him.

“Sir, I took a fancy to this sword first. Wrap it up for me. I want it.”

Ning Manman said directly.

She did not bother about Mu Wufa and spoke in a domineering manner.

Mu Wufa did not get angry at this. Instead, a fire rose in his heart. The more fei

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