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Chapter 311: No Need for Such Formalities. Stand Up!

After a minute of silence, the many Li family disciples were in an uproar.

The first elder, who was like a god of war in their hearts, had actually been defeated.

“This… Did I hear wrong? Quick, give me a slap. Am I dreaming?”

“Ah, you really hit me!”

One of the disciples glared at his brother beside him. He was only joking, and he did not expect his brother to really hit him.

“You have such a great request, how could I not satisfy you? Now you know that you’re not dreaming, right? From the start, I said that Miss Li Miaoxian’s strength must be very strong. Even the first elder couldn’t best her.”

“You… are a hindsight!”

Hearing the two people’s comments, the others all smiled.

But no matter what, Li Miaoxian defeated the first elder. It was still unbelievable to everyone. What was wrong with this world?

“First elder, thank you for letting me win. If it wasn’t for your mercy, I’m afraid I would have been defeated by now.”

Li Miaoxian said with a smile.

Success or failure was nothing to her. What she pursued was not strength. To be able to restore her life to a normal person’s life was already the greatest fortune to her.

“I told you. First elder held back. First elder is always the most powerful!”

The rest of the people continued to discuss after hearing Li Miaoxian’s words.

“The younger generation is awesome. The world will be yours from now on. It seems like it’s time for this old man to retire.”

Li Zhantian instantly understood Li Miaoxian’s thoughts.

Of course, he would not say it out loud at this time. It was best to maintain this result.

Then, the two of them landed on the ground.

Li Changtian glanced at Li Miaoxian and said to the first elder, “Thank you, first elder, for teaching my daughter. It helped her stabilize Her emperor Realm faster. Sorry for the trouble.”

“Hehe, it’s fine!”

Li Zhantian patted Li Changtian’s shoulder. He was starting to like this family head more and more now.

Then, he left with a loud laugh.

“Big sister, you’re amazing.”

Li Miaoling had watched Li Miaoxian’s performance and now could not stop smiling.

In addition to being pleasantly surprised, she remembered that her big sister’s cultivation was already at the middle-stage of the Great Emperor Realm, and her cultivation had not even advanced to the Great Emperor Realm. The gap was too big.

Li Miaoxian saw through her thoughts. She smiled and said, “Little sister, I’ve awakened my constitution and gotten the memory of the inheritance. There are many cultivation techniques in here. I’ll pick out a few tomorrow and let you cultivate them. I guarantee that you’ll be able to advance to the Great Emperor Realm within a month.”

“Really, big sister? I really love you to death.”

Li Miaoling’s smile was as bright as a flower when she heard her sister’s words.

If she had broken through to the Emperor Rea

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