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Li Miaoling’s spiritual senses were directly immersed in it. When she browsed through the information of the mantra, a look of shock appeared on her face.

After Li Changtian discovered it, he could not help but ask, “What’s wrong with Ling ‘er? What’s wrong?”

This was related to his daughter’s freedom. Li Changtian was extremely nervous.

“No… no problem. This…”

“What’s wrong? What’s there to be excited about? I can’t even speak!”

The more he looked at Li Miaoling’s expression, the more anxious Li Changtian became. He was so close to snatching the cultivation technique from her hands and examining it.

“You should look at it yourself!”

Li Miaoling handed the jade token to Li Changtian, and a great storm rose in her heart.

This cultivation technique was actually a mid-stage Sky Sage level cultivation technique!

One had to know that the highest level of their Li family’s cultivation technique was the mid-sky realm of the divine level. There was a total difference of two big levels and six small levels in between them.

The difference of one level was an earth-shaking change in power, not to mention the difference of six levels.

For a cultivation technique like this, it was not only something that the Li family could never possess. Even the Sunset Immortal Sect’s foundation did not have a cultivation technique of this level.

But Senior Ye actually threw it out just like that.

Not only that, after browsing through the information of this cultivation technique, she also discovered that this cultivation technique seemed to have been custom-made for her sister. Could it be that he had specially created this for her sister?

A streak of information flashed in her mind, and she suddenly recalled the golden light that filled the sky just now, and his imposing manner soared to the heavens.

Could it be that this cultivation technique had just been released!?

Thinking up to this point, Li Miaoling was very shocked. He had created a saint-level cultivation technique. What kind of unimaginable ability was this? Who exactly was this man who was so indifferent in front of her?

Why did he have such earth-shattering methods?!

This… was a saint-level cultivation technique…

Li Changtian’s eyes immediately widened, and he looked at Ye Changge in disbelief.

He knew that this was a cultivation technique, but he had never thought that it was a saint-level cultivation technique. A person who could casually take out a saint-level cultivation technique must have a terrifying background.

Even those sacred lands or large sects did not have a saint-level cultivation technique. Even if they did, it was a sect-guarding treasure. Other than the sect master or elders, the rest had no right to cultivate it.

And at this moment.

In a small heavenly capital city, he actually saw a saint-level cultivation technique and it was still in his hands.

At this moment, he felt disbelief. It was as if

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