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“What method should I use to get him to agree to my conditions?”

Mo Qingmeng pondered.

With such an outstanding man like him, he definitely would not be interested in ordinary things.

He would not be able to take out any natural treasures.

A favorite of heaven like him definitely came from a large sect or a sacred land. However, he had thought about many sects, but none of them matched Ye Changge’s identity.

Could it be that he was not from the northern desert?

There were many large regions in the greater world, and the northern desert was just one of them.

There were also countless factions outside. Their factions were even more powerful, and their strength was extremely terrifying.

If that was the case, then his chances of winning would undoubtedly be even greater. This was also the reason why he had chosen Ye Changge.

“Oh right, I can give him that thing. Maybe I can make him agree.”

Within the arena…

Everyone watched the battle in the arena with their blood boiling.

The battle between Emperors was indeed extraordinary. They had only watched it for a short while before they had a different understanding.

Some people even broke through to the next realm, causing spiritual qi to surge. However, compared to the aura in the arena, it was much weaker.

“Great Heaven Tearing Hand!”

Mu Batian immediately used his ultimate move.

This was a divine ability he had accidentally obtained in the ruins. Now that he had cultivated it to the late-stage Great Emperor Realm, even if he was at the mid-stage Great Emperor Realm, he would still be in danger of dying if he was not careful.

Once this move was used, he believed that even Li Zhantian would be no match for this move.

It was as if he could already see Li Zhantian being sent flying by himself.

Following his furious roar, the spiritual qi in the world instantly became violent, condensing into a heaven and earth phenomenon of a huge hand seal in the air.

The moment this phenomenon appeared, the shaking void made a sound, and there was even Dao rhythm flowing within it. Divine chains of order encircled his surroundings.

The surrounding disciples were all shocked when they sensed this intense aura.

This attack was too terrifying. If it were them, forget about the following attack, just the energy generated from the aftershocks would be enough to kill them.

They did not know if Li Zhantian would be able to receive this attack.

At this moment…

A solemn expression appeared on Li Zhantian’s face. When he saw the attack coming, he immediately used his ultimate move: the Lightning Attracting Technique.

This time, it was even more powerful than the one he had used in the battle with the Li clan. He formed a seal with both of his hands, and endless thunderclouds gathered in the sky.

Lightning danced within the dark thunderclouds, wreaking havoc within. In the middle, golden light shone, emitting a suffoc

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