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After wrapping up with Li Miaoxian, Ye Changge left immediately.

Just as he returned to the small courtyard, he found Ning Manman sitting in the small courtyard, seemingly waiting for him to return.

“It’s so late, you guys still haven’t gone into rest!”

Ye Changge sat on the stone bench and drank a cup of tea.

“Hmph, it’s all because I’m waiting for you!” Ning Manman turned her head and muttered.

When Ye Changge left, of course they knew. They had wanted to go together to take a look, but their master did not agree, so they got angry.

However, Ning Manman’s curiosity was obviously very intense.

Bai Ao Xian was not sleepy either, so the two had waited together.

“Brother Ye, how was your trip? Did you see Li Miaoxian?” Bai Ao Xian asked.

When they heard Ye Changge say that Li Miaoxian had the Lunar Mystic Body, they were curious as to what the result would be. Was it like what he said? Was it that strange physique?

In this world, there were many powerful physiques with many innate abilities. For example, Ning Manman’s Primordial Chaos Fire Body could release the Nanming Primordial Fire. It could burn all things and laws. It was extremely powerful.

“I also didn’t think that such a powerful physique would be born in this area. I think her mother’s background must be extraordinary!”

Judging by Li Changtian’s useless physique, he would not be able to give birth to such a daughter. Clearly, there was a huge secret behind this.

However, this was someone else’s business, so Ye Changge could not interfere.

Bai Ao Xian and Ye Changge nodded. They felt the same way about Brother Ye’s words. There was a saying that physiques were hereditary. As the saying goes, dragons give birth to dragons, phoenixes give birth to phoenixes. The lesser beings could not do much.

Li Miaoxian’s mother was definitely not as Li Changtian had said. She had died when they were very young.

“Should we tell Li Miaoling about this?”

Ning Manman asked.

“There’s no need to talk about this. It’s better to let Li Miaoxian talk about it herself.”

After Ye Changge said that, he looked at the two of them and said, “Alright, it’s getting late. Go to sleep!”

Then, they returned to their rooms.

Ye Changge went to his room and began to meditate. He created a cultivation technique of Extreme Yin cold qi.

As he meditated, a mysterious light came from his body. Many mysterious laws enveloped the entire room.

Then, a powerful aura shook the void. Lightning danced in the sky outside.

Ning Manman and Bai Ao Xian, who had just returned to the house, came to the courtyard. They looked at the commotion in Ye Changge’s room and were stunned.

“Manman, is this aura from Brother Ye’s cultivating?”

“I don’t think so. The aura is very strange. I’ve never seen master cultivate such a technique before!”

Ning Manman shook her head.

Bai Ao Xian nodded and did not ask any more questions. She turned her g

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