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Li Zhantian said with some emotion.

He did not exaggerate anything. When Li Miaoxian came in front of him, he could feel the powerful aura and could not help but exclaim.

It was really like a new wave crashing against the shore.

“In the future, the world will belong to you young people. I have to admit that I’m old!”

Hearing the first elder’s words, Li Miaoxian smiled and said, “First elder, you must be joking. My weak mana is nothing compared to yours, first elder. You are the true number one person in the heavenly capital!”

“That’s right. first elder, you’re really humble. With your realm and actual combat ability, how can Xian ‘er be your match!”

Li Changtian also said with a smile, but from his face, one could see the pride.

Mid-stage Great Emperor Realm, the same realm as the first elder. Xian ‘er’s current realm was all thanks to Senior Ye.

Thinking of this, he felt even more grateful that he could meet a strange person like Senior Ye. Only then could Xian ‘er be reborn and be renewed.

“Haha, Good!” Li Zhantian threw his head back and laughed loudly. Then, he said to Li Miaoxian, “If you strike me now, I’ll see how strong you are.”

Now that Li Miaoxian had broken through to the Emperor Realm, and her imposing manner just now had soared to the sky, he had the intention to discuss Dao.

“The first elder wants to test my strength!”

Li Miaoxian knew that the power of this divine ability from the grand mysterious scripture was deeply experienced when she was cultivating just now.

It contained many skills and techniques that could destroy the world. If she used his full strength, the first elder was probably no match for her.

There was also the Extreme Yin chill!

When she broke through to the Emperor Realm, a ball of light suddenly appeared in her mind. This was the inheritance of a special constitution. It recorded the information of the Extreme Yin Mystic Body and all sorts of inheritance techniques.

At the same time, he also understood why her body was like ice. It was because of this constitution. It was said that when the Mystic Lunar Body was cultivated to the great success stage, it would be able to freeze an entire region of stars.

There were so many people from the Li family guarding this place. If she defeated the first elder, it would not be appropriate.

In an instant, she had an idea.

At this moment, many people from the Li family knew that Li Miaoxian had become an Emperor, and they were on the edge of their seats.

This was a competition between Emperors. Even if they watched from afar, it would be beneficial to them. If they could learn something from it, they could break through their current realm.

Therefore, when they heard that Li Miaoxian was going to spar with the first elder, they became excited.

“Who do you think will win?”

“Of course it will be the first elder. After all, the first elder has been an Emperor for so many years and has

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