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Chapter 321: How Could a Young Man Be So Terrifying?

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“How is this possible? Are my eyes playing tricks on me?”

“Who is this young man? How could he withstand such a powerful attack?”

“Judging from Mu Batian’s respectful attitude towards this black-robed man, he must be an even more powerful existence. I didn’t expect that he would be helpless against this young man!”

“Actually, we have all overlooked one thing. How could the person who caused the Li family to recklessly start a war with the Mu family be an ordinary person?”

“That’s right. Perhaps this young man is the true existence of the highest power.”

When everyone saw what happened in front of them, their faces were filled with shock.

Just by looking at the surging aura of this Nether Spirit Claw, one could tell that it surged with even more power than Mu Batian’s attack. They did not expect that this young man would actually be able to resist it.

Moreover, that indifferent attitude, with his hands behind his back, was really too domineering.

That was right!

At this moment, Li Zhantian was also dumbfounded. How could the divine ability that the Netherworld Elder was famous for, something he had wielded for a thousand years, be so easily neutralized?

Not only did Senior Ye block it, but he also blocked it so easily. He did not even use his hands. This was simply too shocking.

At first, he did not believe in Senior Ye’s strength, but at this moment, he no longer had any doubts. In fact, he even felt a little ashamed and actually had a suspicious attitude.

“This is impossible. Who exactly are you?”

Elder Mo said in shock.

The Nether Spirit Claw. This cultivation technique was very powerful. He did not need much to directly use it. Only an early-stage Godly Spirit Realm expert could be invincible.

What was going on!?

Could it be that the young man before him was a God-level cultivator?


He had not broken through the Emperor’s shackles even after hundreds of years, so how did this kid become a God-level cultivator?

Therefore, he poured all of his magical powers into his attack. Spiritual energy instantly surged, and the Nether Spirit Claw grew hundreds of times larger, emitting a powerful force.

Just now, he only used 50% of his strength and thought that everyone present was not qualified to make him use his full strength. However, at this moment, he could not care less about anything else.

There was only one thought in his mind, and that was to ruthlessly destroy the kid in front of him, and turn him into a heap of flesh.

But even so, Ye Changge’s expression was still indifferent, like nothing had happened. Elder Mo’s state of mind collapsed.

“Kid, what kind of trick did you use?” Elder Mo’s eyes widened as he said in shock, “I understand now. You must have some protective magic treasure on you, which is why you

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