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Chapter 307: The Shocked First Elder of the Li Family

“Sister, I’ve missed you so much all these years!”

Li Miaoling hugged Li Miaoxian tightly as she burst into tears.

At this moment, the feelings that had been suppressed in her heart for many years were released in an instant. They all burst out of her.

Li Miaoxian was the same. After staying in this small courtyard for more than ten years, she needed even more care and love.

Li Changtian looked at the two of them hugging each other and secretly wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes. Then, he did not forget about the serious business. He took out a white jade slip from his pocket and said to Li Miaoxian.

“Xian ‘er, this is the jade slip that Senior Ye gave you. It contains the cultivation technique you need to cultivate. He said that you can return to a normal life after cultivating for a month.”

Li Changtian passed the jade slip to Li Miaoxian and said with a smile.

Although Li Miaoxian had not cultivated properly because of her body all these years, at least she still had a trace of divine senses.

However, when he read the contents of the jade slip, she had the same reaction as Li Miaoxian and Li Changtian. She was immediately stunned.

This was actually a saint-level cultivation technique!

Just the value of this cultivation technique was a hundred times the current value of the Li family. Furthermore, Senior Ye did not know her at all, and yet, he had solved the hidden problems in her body. It was already a great blessing for her to be able to meet her father and sister.

Now that she had given her such a valuable cultivation technique, this favor was even greater than the heavens.

She did not know how to repay this favor.

Seeing Li Miaoxian’s expression, Li Changtian also felt that meeting Senior Ye was the greatest favor in their lives.

“Alright, sister, cultivate this cultivation technique properly. After a month, you’ll be free. Father, don’t forget senior’s instructions. We can’t stay here for a long time. It would be bad if sister’s body relapses again.”

Li Miaoling reminded.

Only then did Li Changtian come to his senses. He hurriedly added, “Right, right. Why did I almost forget about this? Xian ‘er, cultivate properly. We’ll wait for you outside.”

After saying this, Li Miaoxian left the small courtyard under Li Miaoxian’s reluctant gaze.

Li Miaoxian clenched the jade slip in her hand and softly muttered, “Father, sister, don’t worry. I’ll definitely cultivate properly.”

‘I will definitely not let you down.

‘I will also not let Senior Ye down.’

Thinking of that handsome man, Li Miaoxian felt a strange feeling in her heart. Then, she started to circulate her energy according to the contents of the cultivation technique.

As soon as she started to circulate it, she felt a gust of cold air being born in her body. It started to circulate along the meridians in her body.

However, this tim

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