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Chapter 312: This Young Master Wants This Magic Treasure

“Brother Ye, we’ve been here for two days and haven’t gone out to play properly. How about going out to play today?”

Ning Manman said coquettishly to Ye Changge.

He knew that in the capital city, there was a branch of the Star Pavilion. This was a large gold-panning field, with weapons, ammunition, secret manuals, magic treasures, and everything.

In the entire northern desert, the Star Pavilion was a very large force. Every city had its own branch. It could be said that it was extremely powerful.

“You only know how to play. When can you train properly? Ao Xian is almost surpassing you now.”

Ye Changge said helplessly.

Taking in such a disciple really gave him a headache.

“Brother Ye, we don’t have much to do anyway. It’s good to go out and get some fresh air.”

After Bai Ao Xian left the sect, her personality became much more cheerful. She did not feel as much pressure as the sect leader, and her entire person became much more relaxed.

She was very interested in everything around him, especially those who were having fun or going shopping. When he heard that Ning Manman wanted to go out, her heart also became enthusiastic.

Since it was already like this, what else could Ye Changge say?

One was his disciple, and the other was his… Uh…

After leaving the Li family, the three of them went walking down the streets.

Ning Manman and Bai Ao Xian were both beauties that could topple cities and countries. They attracted the attention of many people on the street. Facing everyone’s envious gazes, Ye Changge was as calm as the wind, but his heart was very pleased.

The two of them were flanking his two sides, and he directly stood in the middle. If looks could kill, then Ye Changge would probably be dead by now.

This was not an exaggeration.

Wherever they went, the crowd stirred. Even Ye Changge could hear the whispers.

“So beautiful. How can there be such a beautiful woman in the world? She’s like a fairy that descended to the mortal world.”

“Yes, this is the fairy that descended to the mortal world. I’ve never seen such a peerless beauty. But who is the man beside her? She’s really like a fresh flower stuck in cow dung!”

“What’s so strong about this man? I feel like I’m stronger than him!”

Everyone was discussing animatedly. Their gazes seemed to freeze as they stared directly at the two of them.

Most importantly, the temperament of these two women were both peerless in the mortal world. One was cold, while the other was lively. Two completely different personalities, and both were characters in the mortal world. They immediately captured everyone’s attention.

“Brother Ye, why are they all looking at us!”

Facing everyone’s gaze, Bai Ao Xian still could not get used to it.

She had stayed in the snow palace since she was young and rarely went out. Even when she went out, she had never come to such

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