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Chapter 319: Li Miaoxian Won

Li Miaoxian flew over, and her aura indicated that she was at the mid-stage Emperor Realm.

The entire arena was covered in a layer of icy mist.

“When did she reach the mid-stage Emperor Realm?”

Mu Batian narrowed his eyes in surprise when he saw this.

Last month, Li Changtian had even hired someone to treat Li Miaoxian’s hidden injuries. Could it be that it was the same person who had cured him last time?

But what was going on with her cultivation?

Even if his hidden injuries had been cured, her cultivation realm could not have risen to such an absurd level, directly surpassing more than ten minor realms.

Furthermore, looking at this aura, he felt that it had already faintly surpassed him.

Even his soul trembled when he felt this cold aura. However, he did not care. Even if she had reached the mid-stage Emperor Realm, she would be no match for him.

After all, even Li Zhantian had been defeated. He had only just reached the middle stage of the Emperor Realm, so there was no way he could be stronger than Li Zhantian.

“Li Miaoxian of the Li family, please enlighten me!”

After landing on the field, Li Miaoxian cupped her hands, and her eyes were icy cold.

She had long wanted to make a move and cause trouble for her benefactor. In her heart, her intentions were already clear, and no one could change her mind.

As she spoke, her aura exploded, and a powerful icy qi exploded, lingering around the entire field. All those who felt this ice qi had shocked expressions on their faces. It was as if they were in an ice cellar.

They all tried to resist. This was the outcome that Li Miaoxian deliberately caused. Otherwise, the entire Star Pavilion would have become a frozen world.

Mu Batian’s entire body shook, and the powerful spiritual energy directly shattered this icy qi, and he used the same trick again.

“Great Heaven Tearing Hand.”

This attack directly circulated all the mana in his body.

The spiritual energy in the sky instantly exploded, and gathered into a huge palm print in the air. Compared to the attack just now, it was even more ferocious.

If the palm print just now was 70% , then the attack this time was 100% .

The imposing manner swept through the entire training field.

“It seems that Mu Batian is serious this time. Could it be that Li Miaoxian is even more domineering than Li Zhantian?”

Someone in the crowd exclaimed.

The others all revealed stunned gazes. Even those with weaker cultivation could feel the terrifying power contained within their battlefield.

It seemed that Mu Batian wanted to defeat all the experts of the Li family and kill them with a single blow.

If the Li family lost this time, they would really be defeated. Mu Batian’s move was really ruthless. He did not leave anyone alive.

At this moment, looking at the attack, Li Miaoxian did not panic at all.

She directly formed a seal with both han

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