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Chapter 302: Encountering a Strange Physique, Lunar Mystic Body


Li Changtian was still thinking about how to repay his debt of gratitude. Why did his daughter suddenly change the topic to this? He immediately reacted.

“This… It was your second uncle who told me!”

Li Changtian did not hide anything and directly said it.

As for how Li Changfeng knew, he did not think too much about it. He just stormed out angrily.


Li Miaoling didn’t expect that it was her second uncle who told her father about this news. How did he know that she was being hunted down?

There was something strange about this!

When Ye Changge heard about her uncle, he immediately had an idea.

In just a moment, he figured out the crux of the matter. Combined with Li Changfeng’s surprised expression when he saw Li Miaoling’s return, everything became clear.

Perhaps this matter had been a conspiracy from the very beginning.

It was a scheme that the Sunset Immortal Sect and Li Changfeng had directly set up. The Sunset Immortal Sect could obtain Samsara tears, and Li Changfeng could also obtain the position of the head of the Li family. It could be said to be a plan that killed two birds with one stone.

Unfortunately, there was an additional variable like him in this plan.

As a result, the entire plan was disrupted. That was why Li Changfeng had come over just now to find out the truth. The entire plan could be aimed at overthrowing Li Changtian. Li Miaoling was only a pretense to lure him over. As long as they captured Li Changtian, they could use Li Miaoling to threaten him… Samsara tears could naturally be obtained.

And in the end, Li Changtian and Li Miaoling would also spread the news in this world. The Li family was without a leader, so naturally, Li Changfeng would inherit the throne.

The entire plan was flawless. The Li family would think that this was all a scheme of the Sunset Immortal Sect, causing the death of their family head. They would not suspect Li Changtian, and both sides would achieve their goals.

Combined with the bit of information that Li Miaoling had revealed, Ye Changge had analyzed everything. He believed that Li Miaoling had also guessed it.

Sure enough, Li Miaoling’s expression turned gloomy at this time.

However, she did not tell her father at this time. Firstly, there was no evidence. Secondly, her father’s personality was virtuous and honest. He definitely would not believe that all of this was done by her younger brother. If she wanted to seize her uncle, she still had to think long and hard about it.

Later on, in order to thank Ye Changge for his kindness, Li Changtian planned to hold a banquet in the evening to express his appreciation.

Then, he left.

After all, as the patriarch of a family, he had many things to do.

Ye Changge asked Li Miaoling some basic questions, and under his leadership, he was arranged to be in the small courtyard.

The pla

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