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“First elder, feel free to make your move. I also want to know what realm my current strength has reached!”

Li Miaoxian spoke directly.

Looking at the powerful lightning energy in the sky, not only was there no fear in her beautiful eyes, there was even a hint of excitement.

She had only used thirty percent of her strength in the attack just now. If she were to use her full strength, what kind of terrifying power would be generated? She was also very much looking forward to it.

After all, the technique she had cultivated was personally created by that mysterious senior. Although she did not know the exact strength of the senior, to be able to create such a shocking technique, it must not be simple.

It must have far surpassed the level of an Emperor!

“Alright, if you can’t take it, don’t take it head-on. Safety first!”

Li Zhantian reminded him worriedly.

This was his strongest move. It had the power to destroy the world. Although he could easily withdraw his mana, anything could happen in the Dao discussion. It would not be good if there was danger.

After all, this was not a life-and-death battle. It was just a normal Dao discussion.

“Don’t worry, first elder. Xian ‘er knows what she’s doing!”

Looking at the golden lightning that was gathering, her expression was extremely grave. Just by looking from afar, she could feel the power of fear. It was definitely not as simple as the seal just now.

Following the circulation of her art, an icy qi gathered in her palm and condensed into a gorgeous Emperor Ice Crystal. It spun in the air and emitted an indescribable icy qi.

This was the Extreme Yin icy qi in her dantian.

This was the essence of the icy qi. Even the stars and the universe could be frozen. One could see how terrifying it was.

At the instant this icy qi appeared, even the lightning in the sky seemed to be frozen and its speed slowed down.

Of course, Li Zhantian noticed this problem and his eyes were filled with surprise.

He did not expect this cold air to be so terrifying. One had to know that the power of lightning represented the strongest and most Yang energy in the world, and this cold air could even affect the power of lightning. It could be seen how terrifying this energy was.

It was not just him. The surrounding Li family disciples, Li Changtian, and Li Miaoling all wore solemn expressions.

“Father, why do I feel that the first elder is no match for sister?”

Li Miaoling looked at the EmperorIce Crystal and said to her father.

She had no idea where this feeling came from. It was as if it had appeared automatically the moment she saw the Emperor Ice Crystal.

Although the first elder’s attack was also extremely powerful, it was still weaker than the Emperor Ice Crystal.

“How is that possible? The first elder is extremely powerful. Your sister has only just broken through to the Emperor Realm, so she is no match for the first elder. Your feelings

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