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Chapter 305: Senior Ye, What Did You Say?

At this moment, in the Li clan’s manor.

“What is this…”

“What a terrifying aura! My soul is trembling. Could it be that someone has broken through to the Great Emperor Realm? Which elder in the clan is it?”

“I think it should be the second elder. He’s already half a step into the Great Emperor Realm. He’s only half a step away from becoming a true Great Emperor.”

“No, look at where the golden light is coming from. It’s coming from the courtyard of Bie Xin. It’s the three guests from earlier in the day. What cultivation level are they? How can they have such a powerful aura?!”

The Li family members discussed.

They all gathered together and looked at the golden light that was slowly dissipating in the sky with envious expressions.

Such a powerful aura meant that this person was not far away from becoming a true Great Emperor, right!?


This was the realm that every cultivator dreamed of reaching. After becoming an Emperor, whether it was in terms of mana or comprehension, it would undergo an earth-shattering change. It could truly be considered a complete transformation.

At this moment, in the Bie Xin little courtyard, besides Ning Manman and Bai Ao Xian, Li Changtian and Li Miaoling had also arrived.

The moment they saw the golden light, they had already moved. When they found out that the golden light was actually triggered by Ye Changge, the two of them were immediately stunned.

What kind of divine ability was he cultivating? How could he have such a powerful aura?!

They had never seen such a surging aura even from the first elder. Could it be that Senior Ye had already reached the late-stage of the Great Emperor Realm?

Thinking of this possibility, Li Changtian’s gaze became even more respectful.

“Senior Ning, it’s been so long. I wonder how Senior Ye is doing inside!”

He had learned from Li Miaoling that this woman had killed more than ten people from the Sunset Immortal Sect in one strike when they were being chased by more than a dozen peak quasi-emperors outside the capital.

This strength left him deeply shocked.

There were more than a dozen peak quasi-emperors in there. They were not ordinary people. Even their first elder could not do that so easily.

From this, it could be seen how powerful this woman was. Ye Changge’s realm was terrifying.

Ning Manman glanced at him, causing him to awkwardly turn his head. He knew that his actions were too abrupt.

In the room.

Ye Changge looked at the technique he had created and nodded in satisfaction.

Then, he branded it into the jade token. One had to know that the level of this technique had already reached the middle stage of the Sage Realm. It was not surprising that it could cause such a heaven and earth phenomenon.

Through understanding, the cultivation technique levels in this world were divided into seven levels: Great Dao Deity, Sacred Heaven,

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