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Chapter 317: The Terror of Ye Changge, Falling into the Whirlpool of the Storm

“Li Zhantian!”

On the training field, Mu Batian looked at Li Zhantian with a provoking expression.

His voice resounded throughout the training field. Hearing this voice, everyone felt their ears buzzing. It could be seen how powerful his true essence was.

“Senior, Mu Batian is a tyrant. He actually offended a senior. Let’s see how I will make him pay.”

Li Zhantian’s aura also erupted from his body. He flew up and faced Mu Batian’s aura.

The auras of the two collided in the air, emitting a loud boom. Even space seemed to be on the verge of shattering.

The battle was finally about to begin.

Everyone’s eyes widened. They were filled with incomparable anticipation. This was the first time they had seen Li Zhantian and Mu Batian fight. They did not know who was stronger.

After the commotion, the atmosphere gradually cooled down.

Ye Changge looked at the two people in the arena. At this moment, he felt someone’s gaze on him. He turned his head and saw a purple-clothed woman with a veil.

As the training field was a circular area, one could directly see the top of it. The purple-clothed woman was in a room on the top floor, looking down.

She did not expect Ye Changge to be so sharp that he had directly discovered her presence.

One had to know that there was an array formation here that concealed one’s aura. Even an Emperor could not break through the isolation of the array formation.

But this man had discovered it.

She was surprised, but at the same time, she thought of probing him.

Her eyes flickered with a strange purple light as she attacked Ye Changge. This was his innate divine ability. Even a peak Emperor would be lost in the sea of dreams if they were careless.

Purple Dream Asura.

It was commonly known as a world of flowers, a world of dreams, and a universe of dreams.

When the flowers bloomed for tens of thousands of miles, it was a mesmerizing dream.

The two looked at each other, and Ye Changge saw a purple light appear in her eyes. Suddenly, he felt the void before him distort, and the scene began to change.

It turned into an endless sea, and a palace appeared out of thin air above the sea. The clouds were beautiful, and the wine was fragrant. It was a paradise on Earth.

He reacted in an instant. She was trying to confuse him. It was too easy.

“Eye Technique!”

Ye Changge smiled slightly and also used his delusion-breaking divine eye.

His eyes suddenly turned into a whirlpool, and a tragic and desolate atmosphere suddenly swept through the entire training field.

In his left eye, it was the destruction of stars, and in his right eye, it was the origin of the universe. The eye technique that the woman used was instantly destroyed.

Moreover, the purple dreamlike woman was shocked to discover that he had actually arrived in the void. Beside him were the stars in

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