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Bai Ao Xian and the others came to Cloud Heart Palace and were all stunned when they saw the white halo of light.

This was… Grand Elder Su Yun?

They were slightly stunned. How was this possible!

In the ruins a hundred years or so ago, the grand elder had been sacrificed in order to stop the pursuit of the Desert Sword Sect.

This was news from the Desert Sword Sect.

They had not wanted to believe it. They had investigated for decades, but in the end, they found nothing.

They had given up.

But now…

The first elder was standing in front of them unscathed. How could this not shock them?

Furthermore, looking at the first elder’s aura, they noticed that there was a hint of dominance in it. She was an Emperor now.


Could it be that the person who just broke through to the Great Emperor Realm was Grand Elder Su Yun.

All the elders, including Bai Ao Xian, were stunned. They could not believe what they were seeing. It was as if they were in a dream.

“What? You don’t even recognize me anymore?” Elder Su Yun slowly turned around.

It was really Grand Elder Su Yun!

After confirming it, they let out a cry of surprise.

Then, these people gathered around and Bai Ao Xian said excitedly, “Grand elder, aren’t you…”

The others were also full of curiosity.

After all, they had been searching for decades, but they still had not found any trace of the grand elder.

“I was dead, but not completely dead!”

Grand Elder Su Yun said with a smile.


Did the grand elder speak such abstract words now?

Never mind Bai Ao Xian, the other elders were also confused. Even Elder Tian Xuan, who had the closest relationship with the first elder, was stunned.

She stared at Su Yun. If it was not for the familiar aura coming from her body, she would have felt as if Su Yun had been possessed.

“I jumped down the thousand-foot tall cliff and was severely injured. My entire body was paralyzed.

“Fortunately, I later discovered a heaven and earth spirit fruit and gradually recovered a trace of spiritual energy. After that, my injuries slowly recovered.”

Following Su Yun’s story, everyone could feel the sense of alarm in their hearts.

Where was this thousand-foot tall cliff? What kind of place was it?

They understood in their hearts that there were many demonic beasts there. No one had ever come out alive from there. Even those mighty figures were unable to break this curse.

One could imagine how dangerous it was. It was definitely boss-level.

Elder Su Yun had actually managed to come out alive. It had to be said that the heavens had blessed their Heavenly Snow Palace. Now that the first elder had returned, the threat of the Desert Sword Sect was no longer as dire.

The highest cultivation level of the Desert Sword Sect was quasi-emperor. In front of an Emperor, they were like children. They were nothing.

If one came, one would die. If one came, one would die.

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