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“Senior Ye’s cultivation shook our knowledge of the ancient and modern times. This time, he saved our Heavenly SnowPalace. We should be grateful. Senior Ye, please don’t decline.”

After one of the elders spoke, the other elders also echoed that.

Their eyes were filled with respect and envy. Even after living for countless years, they had never seen such a powerful expert. It was truly too shocking.

“That’s right. Senior Ye being able to come to our Heavenly SnowPalace is a blessing for our sect.”

In addition to being pleasantly surprised, the way they looked at Lu Yanqi was different now. If it was not for her saving Ning Manman, how could their sect have such good fortune and be able to befriend such an expert?

It seemed like there was an unknown law in place.

There was indeed a deeper meaning behind these words.

Listening to the flattery of the crowd, Ye Changge felt a little helpless. This was a trivial matter. There was no need to go through so much trouble.

But he had clearly forgotten.

This was something that was extremely easy for him. If it were someone else, it might be huge destructive crisis.

However, this time, if it was not for Ye Changge, the entire Heavenly Snow Palace would have been exterminated.

“Sister Bai, my master doesn’t like these formalities. Besides, we’re all on the same side, there’s no need to be so formal.” Ning Manman blinked as she spoke.


Before Bai Ao Xian could react…

The other elders reacted quickly, their faces filled with excitement. They quickly nodded and said, “That’s right, we’re all on the same side, we’re all on the same side…”

They looked at Ning Manman. They seemed to like her more and more.

She could do whatever she wanted.

If Ye Changge really became one of them, then the power of the Heavenly SnowPalace would be like riding on a rocket…


She would rise up and become an invincible existence.

Ye Changge glared at Ning Manman for a while, which made her stick out her tongue.

Then, he said to Bai Ao Xian, “Sect master Bai, please don’t take offense. This disciple of mine likes to joke around, I’ve made a fool of myself.”

“Senior Ye, you must be joking. Your disciple’s personality is innocent and carefree, her spiritual aura is clear and bright, and she doesn’t allow external things to infect her. Who knows how many people would wish for such a personality? How could there be any reason to blame her?”

Bai Ao Xian was speaking the truth.

Ning Manman’s pure personality would have a great effect on the path of martial arts in the future. The closer she got to her true self, the easier it would be for her to comprehend the truth of the heavens and earth and become immortal.

It was too late for them to envy her. There was no reason to blame her.

“You guys don’t have to call me senior either. It’s too long-winded. Just call me by my name.”

According to the conventions of the martial arts pat

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