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Chapter 300: Who Exactly Was He?

“An Emperor…”

When they felt this powerful aura, they no longer had any disrespectful expressions on their faces. They looked at Ning Manman with pale faces. They had never thought that such a young woman was actually an Emperor.

Although an Emperor was nothing in this world, it should not be so ridiculous!

Ning Manman looked so young. She was only twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, but she was already an Emperor. Could it be that the geniuses from other sects were here to train?

Thinking of this, they became even more terrified.

If they accidentally offended a big sect, with their sect’s strength, they would be destroyed in an instant. There was no possibility of resistance at all.

Compared to before, they were practically crying now. Their excited expressions earlier had now become extremely dispirited and fearful.

They were at two extremes.

“Fairy, please spare our lives. We did not mean to offend you. One day, our Sunset Immortal Sect will definitely offer a big gift to express our apology!”

The scarred man said.

In an instant, they were terrified. They had no choice. Facing such an expert, they did not have the courage to fight back.

Only their elders would be able to deal with someone at this level.

“Hmph, you provoked us and still want to apologize? You won’t even have the chance!”

Ning Manman immediately sentenced them to death.

Hearing this, the group immediately lost all hope and started to fight with their lives on the line.

In their eyes, there was still a chance of survival if they fought. If they continued to kneel here, they would only be waiting for death.

They began to struggle, but facing the majesty of an Emperor, it was all in vain. Ning Manman’s palm shot out an attack that turned into a sharp blade and killed all of them.


At this moment, Li Miaoling was completely stunned. She looked at Ning Manman in disbelief.

She originally wanted to stop these people, but she did not expect this group to kill them just like that. They killed so many peak-stage quasi-emperors in one strike. What level of cultivation had she reached?

It seemed that Ning Manman was about the same age as her, but she was actually this powerful!

Emperor Realm experts were rare even in the capital. She did not expect to not only see them today, but also have them save her.

If this woman was already so powerful, then the other two must not be simple beings either.

“This junior, Li Miaoling, greets you seniors!”

She bowed to Ye Changge and greeted him.

This was because she vaguely realized that the two women were centered around a man. This discovery shocked her even more.

Ning Manman was already terrifying enough, and the level of this man’s cultivation had to be extremely powerful.

Therefore, she did not dare to be negligent. As he sized her up, he was also suspicious.

This man’s cultivation was a

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