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“Senior, your skills are profound. We are no match for you. We concede defeat!”

Wen Jiandao adjusted his emotions and came before Su Yun, bowing low.

What he needed to do now was to stall for as much time as possible. After all, the Desert Sword Sect was far away from the Heavenly Snow Palace. Even if he were to advance at full speed, it would still take fifteen minutes.

Fifteen minutes was already a long distance.

The other elders were also shrewd people. When they saw their sect master’s attitude, they cupped their hands and humbled themselves too.

“I’m really sorry. We came here to help and did not inform your sect beforehand, resulting in such a huge mistake. I’m really very sorry. This is all our fault!”

“Elder Qianmu is right. Although we helped out of kindness, we still have to be punished for doing something wrong. We have no complaints.”

“It’s all our fault for being too impatient. We don’t expect to be forgiven by you. It was all our fault. I’m sorry!”

These elders had the ability to act on cue. They were all kings and were not very strong, but their ability to shirk responsibility was perfected.

With just a few words, they were able to shirk off their own guilt. Instead, they blamed it on the Heavenly Snow Palace.

Bai Ao Xian could not help but curse internally, “From what you guys said, this is still not right.”

The Desert Sword Sect was in the eastern region, after all, it was a sect that was on par with them. Doing this was extremely shameless, making some people feel nauseous.

Seeing Bai Ao Xian berate him, Ning Manman could not help it. She was not angry because of these people, but because these old men were bullying Bai Ao Xian.

Who was Bai Ao Xian to her?

She was her master’s wife. Even though she was not now, one day, she would be captured by her master and she would become her master’s wife.

Now, her master’s future wife was angry.

As his disciple, how could she not say anything!?

“Hey, you stinky old geezers, it’s obviously your fault, yet you want to blame it on others. I’ve never seen such shameless people. You still have the dignity to stand here. If I were you, I would have killed myself long ago to avoid wasting the resources of the sect!”

Ning Manman’s voice suddenly rang out in the square.

Her voice was so loud that it resounded in everyone’s ears. When the other disciples of the Heavenly SnowPalace heard this, they could not help but laugh out loud.

Even the elders of the Heavenly Snow Palace could not help but laugh. In their minds, Emperors did not smile. When had they ever seen something like that?

However, to be honest, these words were still lethal.

When the members of the Desert Sword Sect heard these words, they were so angry that their faces turned red. They wanted to rush up and argue, but they held back because of Su Yun’s power.

Even if they lost, they still had their pride. It was fine if Su Yun said so, but they

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