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Chapter 288: The Power of Bai Ao Xian

“You don’t have to spend all your time thinking about useless things. Focus on your training. Otherwise, I’ll lock you up for three years and force you to train intensely!”

Ye Changge said slowly.

This scared Ning Manman.

She did not like being confined in a quiet room. There was no one to talk to, no beautiful scenery, and no interesting anecdotes to hear.

It was much more interesting to follow behind her master.

As she spoke, she even smiled at Ye Changge and blinked her big eyes, looking as if she was begging for mercy.

Bai Ao Xian did not expect Ning Manman to have such a cute side to her. She was usually cold and detached.

Perhaps only in front of his master would her true personality be revealed!

“Senior Ye, we are unable to repay your great kindness to our Heavenly Snow Palace. Please come to the Phoenix Cloud Pavilion and let us fulfil our duties as your host!”

Su Yun said at this moment.

In this short period of time, Bai Ao Xian had already told them how she had met Senior Ye.

He even told them about the Emperor’s enlightenment. This made Su Yun want to thank him even more. Not to mention the Taotie incident, he had saved their entire Heavenly Snow Palace.

Just this Emperor’s enlightenment alone was enough to benefit them greatly.

Just a small Heavenly Inquiring Stone was not enough to show their gratitude. It was too trivial.

One had to know that with an Emperor’s enlightenment, more than ten Emperors could appear in their sect. What kind of concept was this? In the future, the entire eastern region would have to listen to the orders of the Heavenly Snow Palace.

As for the Heavenly Inquiring Stone, although it was magical…

If they did not gain its approval, it would be equivalent to a broken fragment of stone. It would be of no use to them at all.

Therefore, they had to repay this favor.

Ye Changge originally wanted to reject it and go back to properly study the Heavenly Inquiring Stone. However, on second thought, he had just obtained someone else’s secret treasure; he could not reject them.

That would be very impolite, so he nodded and agreed.

The group was about to move the Phoenix Cloud Pavilion.

At this moment, a disciple hurried over.

“Reporting to the sect master and elders, Senior Ye, the people from the desert sword sect are here!”

“Desert Sword Sect?”

Bai Ao Xian looked at First Elder Su Yun and could not help but laugh.

They had a great opportunity to let it go, but now the strength of the Heavenly Snow Palace had exceeded the Desert Sword Sect. If they were to send themselves to their door now, wouldn’t that be suicide?

Had their sect master hit his head?

However, they did not know that the Taotie had already been subdued. Furthermore, First Elder Su Yun had broken through to the Emperor Realm with the help of Ye Changge!

If they knew that, they would not even have the t

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