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Chapter 283: First Elder Su Yun

“Master, is the Heavenly Inquiring Stone really that magical?”

Ning Manman asked curiously.

Even Emperors could not predict the future and predict the dangers. It could even predict what would happen ten thousand years later and what would arrive at the Heavenly Snow Palace in ten thousand years.

The Taotie crisis happened right after they came out of the Azure Dragon Secret Realm. Then, they came to the Heavenly Snow Palace and subdued Taotie.

It seemed that everything was arranged.

Ye Changge looked at the mountain in the distance. He could feel an inexplicable call from there. His eyes penetrated through the layers of obstacles. His spiritual senses were blocked by an inexplicable force in the hall.

With his current cultivation base, he was in the middle stage of the Godly Spirit Realm. In this world, he was no match for the Taotie. And the only thing that could block his spiritual senses was the Heavenly Inquiring Stone.

“Interesting. I’d like to see just how mysterious you are!” Ye Changge’s eyes sparkled.

Then, he looked at Ning Manman and said, “I haven’t told you about your nonsense yet. You’re so curious. First, you should properly raise your cultivation base. Look at your older brother. If you don’t work hard, you’ll end up at the bottom!”

At the bottom, you’ll end up at the bottom!

Ning Manman didn’t care at all. Besides, she had entered the sect late. At that time, her cultivation base had not reached the Entry Saint Realm yet. Now that she was at the early stage of the Great Emperor Realm, her progress was already very fast.

However, she had overlooked one thing. If it was not for Ye Changge’s modification of her physique in the Azure Dragon Secret Realm, she would still be at the peak of the Boundary Breaking Realm.

To be honest, compared to her senior brother, her realm was a bit too high.

Ning Manman also knew this fact, but it was a bit difficult for her to surpass her senior.

Each and every one of their realms soared at a godly speed. They could not be called normal cultivators. They were all freaks.

Real monsters.

She still remembered that when she had just entered the sect, thinking about her talent and catching up with her brothers was nothing but an easy and casual matter.

But after more than half a year, she gave up on this idea and was directly struck by doubts in her life.

She had broken through a small realm, and her older brothers had broken through several small realms. How could she chase after them? She did not appreciate being so discouraged. Since when did cultivation become so easy?

For this reason, she had even wondered if she did not have the talent for cultivation. Her mood had been very low for the past few days. If Ye Changge had not come to enlighten her, she would have shut herself off.

“Master, to be honest, you really won’t consider it?” Ning Manman said with a smile.

As she spoke, sh

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