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Chapter 280: The Terrifying Older Brothers

Hearing this, the elders were stunned.

What kind of generosity was this?

Although they did not know Ye Changge’s exact level, someone who could make Taotie bow down to him with just his aura was at least at the half-step Great Emperor level.

Or even stronger.

Among the people present, apart from Bai Ao Xian and Chu Yueli who knew that Ye Changge’s cultivation level was Great Emperor, the others were still in the dark.

When they heard that Ye Changge was able to raise elder Tian Xuan to the half-step Emperor level, they still had some doubts.

After all, becoming a half-step Emperor and raising someone else to the half-step Emperor level were two completely different concepts.

Therefore, they raised their doubts.

Although they felt that it was not good, they still could not help but have their own doubts.

It was not that they did not believe Ye Changge, but what he proposed was simply too unbelievable.

“Senior Ye, this… Is it really possible to raise a person’s cultivation to half-step Great Emperor?”

“Senior, it’s not that we don’t believe you. It’s just that this matter is too unbelievable.”

“Same question!”

Ye Changge had not said anything yet, but Ning Manman was already furious. You can doubt others, but doubting your own master is unforgivable.

In just an instant, the aura around her body exploded, reverberating throughout the entire hall like a hurricane.

This aura was extremely overbearing, like the might of the heavens. It was irresistible, making people feel a vast and magnificent aura. It was ethereal and unfathomable.

Everyone’s body trembled. They felt an irresistible power coming from their bodies, and their entire bodies seemed to be sealed.

Their eyes were wide open. They could not even move a finger, let alone move their entire bodies.

It was not just that. Their minds were in a frenzy, as if they had encountered a great terror.

“Manman, you’re messing around again,” Ye Changge said.

This boundless aura was finally withdrawn. In reality, her aura did not envelop everyone, but only the elders who had voiced their doubts.

Bai Ao Xian looked directly at Ning Manman, her eyes filled with shock. In reality, she had not been enveloped by her aura earlier, but just the aftershock alone was enough to make her unable to withstand it.

From this, one could imagine how much pressure the few elders were under.

Just as the aura was withdrawn, the few elders fell to the ground as if they had lost all their strength, breathing in large mouthfuls of air.

It was too terrifying.

Just now, it was as if they had arrived in the world of the grim reaper. Their bodies were surrounded by a dense aura of death. It felt as if their souls would fly out of their bodies in the next moment.

They knew that the other party had held back. Otherwise, with such a powerful aura, they would have been crushed to death.

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