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When the dust settled, everyone from the Desert Sword Sect was stunned.

Jian Wentian was lying on the ground in a sorry state. His robes were tattered, and there was a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth. Their grand elder had actually lost the battle against Su Yun.

How was this possible?

These people had looks of disbelief on their faces. One had to know that Jian Wentian was a half-step Emperor, but he was still defeated.

Su Yun’s cultivation… Great Emperor!

The elders of the great Desert Sword Sect could not accept this fact, especially Jian Wentian’s eyes, which were so wide that they were about to pop out!

What did he just see?! In his heart, the unrivalled grand elder did not even last a single round.

At this moment, many thoughts flashed through Jian Wentian’s mind. If their grand elder could not win, it would not just be the grand elder who would lose, but the entire great Desert Sword Sect.

Hence, he could only win this battle, he could not lose!

At this moment.

In the arena, Jian Wentian looked at the calm Su Yun, and he was extremely shocked.

He did not expect Su Yun, who he had not seen in a hundred years, to be able to raise her cultivation to such a level. It was simply beyond his imagination.

But how was this possible?

In just a few short hundred years, she was able to advance to the half-step Great Emperor Realm. Moreover, her cultivation was more than one level stronger than his.

At the moment of the exchange of palms, he discovered that a surge of incomparably turbulent energy had entered his body through his palms and rampaged through his body, destroying his bodily functions as well as his internal organs.

Being defeated by his previous opponents, this feeling was undoubtedly heavy. It was like a heavy hammer, ruthlessly hammering at the bottom of his heart.

“Elder, receive the sword.”

At this moment, Jian Wentian suddenly let out an angry roar, disrupting their thoughts.

He saw a divine sword emitting a stream of light, teleporting over from the void. It was the sect-guarding treasure of their great Desert Sword Sect, the Heaven-cleaving Sword!

This was a true Emperor-level weapon!

A half-step Emperor holding it could even unleash the power of an Emperor. There was absolutely no problem for him to heavily injure Su Yun.

This was what everyone in the Desert Sword Sect was thinking. However, they looked at Su Yun’s calm expression. Could it be that her strength had already reached the level of an Emperor? She did not show any signs of panic at all.

Su Yun represented the Heavenly Snow Palace. If she lost this battle, the Heavenly SnowPalace would be destroyed in an instant. There was absolutely no chance of survival.

“Su Yun, I didn’t expect your strength to be so potent and domineering after not seeing you for a hundred years. I’ve really underestimated you. If it weren’t for the heaven-cleaving sword here today, your Heavenly

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