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The next day…

When the sect announced the news to the disciples of the Heavenly SnowPalace, there was an uproar.

“What? Our sect leader is running away!”

“What do you mean running away? She’s cultivating with senior. You know how powerful senior’s Daoist techniques are. She definitely has to learn them.”

“Right. This is all for the development of our sect. I didn’t think that the sect leader would make such a huge sacrifice. It’s truly too great.”

“But why do I feel that our sect leader seems to have feelings for Ye Changge? That’s why she made this decision. hehehe…”

Everyone discussed animatedly, talking about why their sect leader wanted to withdraw from the position of sect leader.

Some of the disciples had also heard some rumors and secretly told the other disciples about the exclusive news that they had received.

They were immediately shocked, but no one objected. Senior Ye had saved the Heavenly Snow Palace. He was handsome and had a high cultivation level. He was simply the best partner for life.

If it was anyone else, they would not let her go so easily.

Their sect leader made such a wise choice. No one in the sect objected.

On the other side…

The other elders were reluctant to part with Bai Ao Xian. Some of their eyes were wet.

They had watched Bai Ao xian grow up and paid a lot of attention to her. Now that Bai Ao Xian was leaving them, of course they couldn’t bear to part with her.

“Sect master, this time when you leave, you must be careful of the outside world and follow closely by Senior Ye’s side. The outside world is full of danger. You’ve stayed in the Heavenly Snow Palace since you were young and have never seen the cruel outside world!”

“Also, for a big shot like Senior Ye, there must be no shortage of beautiful women by his side. Sometimes, you have to show off your magnanimity in order to gain the appreciation of a man. Don’t put pressure on him. Use guilt and emotions to firmly bind him to your side.”

Among them, the second elder directly told him this secret.

She knew very well what a man was thinking, especially a mysterious man like Ye Changge. She could not be bound by common sense.

Otherwise, the end result would be the opposite.

As she listened to the advice from the elders, Bai Ao Xian’s eyes became moist. Now that she had to leave these elders, she was very reluctant.

“Ao Xian, remember the elders’ teachings!”

Then, she bowed respectfully to the elders. The elders felt like they were her mother figures as they had taken care of her.

Now that they were parting, they did not know when they would see each other again. Perhaps they would never see each other again in this lifetime.

Because from Brother Ye’s words, she learned that they were going to the greater world. It was a world that was more advanced and dangerous than this one. And the people dwelling there were all powerful existences.

Even the Great Emperors traveled

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