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Chapter 286: The Mysterious Heavenly Inquiring Stone

“Senior, this is where our forbidden area is!”

Bai Ao Xian said as she took out a token-like object and placed it in a certain spot on the mountain peak. Then, they saw the door open.

Immediately after, it opened to a tunnel with a ghostly structure. Around the walls, there were strange murals. There were giant snakes, divine dragons, white tigers, warriors, vermilion birds…

They followed behind and headed towards the middle of the cave. In less than a moment, they arrived at a location that looked like a secret room.


As the door opened, a wave of mysterious energy instantly spread out.

Ye Changge had already tested it. It was this secret room that blocked his divine senses. This must be the location of the Heavenly Inquiring Stone.

“Senior, please!”

Bai Ao Xian bowed slightly and raised her hand. Ye Changge did not argue and directly entered.

Just as he entered, he felt a strange power envelope his entire body. At this moment, he felt that all the cells in his body had become relaxed.

At the center of the stone platform, there was a transparent crystal the size of a palm. It stood quietly on top of it, emitting a beautiful stream of light.

As soon as his gaze touched the Heavenly Inquiring Stone, the scene in front of him slowly distorted, as if he had arrived at the stars in the sky. The surrounding colorful light illuminated the surroundings, and the laws stretched out before him. It had an extraordinary charm.

At this moment, he seemed to see the birth and origin of the universe. Illusory and mysterious scenes swam in front of him, and a gorgeous river of time and space flowed in front of him. He had come into contact with an extraordinary realm.

This was…

He felt a different comprehension coming from the spiritual altar. The principles he had never understood before were all brought to the forefront of his mind at this moment.

The Great Dao of time and space, the Great Dao of strength, the Great Dao of life, and the Great Dao of death all entered his mind like flowing lights, helping him to break through.


At this moment, his realm directly came to the God Realm, and he recovered to his peak state.

Moreover, he felt that his power had broken through, from the intermediate stage of the Godly Spirit Realm to the later stage of the Godly Spirit Realm, and directly breaking through a small realm.

In the outside world.

In the secret chamber, Bai Ao Xian and the others saw that Ye Changge had suddenly stopped moving. Just as they were puzzled, they suddenly saw that his body was emitting rays of colorful light.

A powerful aura shot up from his body and enveloped the entire secret chamber. The opportunity on his body was connected to the Heavenly Inquiring Stone on the altar. The light flickered with a frequency, directly shocking everyone in the Heavenly Snow Palace.

Ever since their sect’s

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