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Chapter 301: Li Miaoling’s Doubts and the Truth Behind Her Pursuit

Li Changfeng narrowed his eyes as waves of shock rose in his heart.

This was because he realized that even with his peak quasi-emperor cultivation, he could not see through this person’s cultivation. Even the two women beside him seemed slightly confused.

How was this possible?

Could it be that these three had far surpassed the cultivation of a quasi-emperor?

This thought made his heart clench. In the entire Tiandu City, there were only a few Emperors. Where did these three come from?!

“Ling ‘er, there’s an important guest in our house. Why don’t you introduce him to uncle? If word gets out, our Li family will be laughed at for not treating guests well!”

Li Changfeng looked at Li Miaoling and spoke unhappily.

Actually, he wanted to find out the truth about these three people. Moreover, Li Miaoling was only at the peak of the Quasi-emperor Realm, yet she could actually escape from the Sunset Immortal Sect’s pursuit.

The other party was more than ten Quasi-emperor Realm experts. With her strength, it was impossible for her to escape.


He glanced at Ye Changge and then turned his gaze away. No one knew what he was thinking about.

“This is my business. You don’t need to involve yourself in it. I’ll take care of it. Uncle, if there’s nothing else, you can leave. We still have things to discuss!”

Li Miaoling’s words made Li Changfeng’s expression shift. Was she chasing him away!?

He knew that if he continued to stay here, he would not be able to get anything out of her. He immediately snorted coldly and left in a huff.

“Big Brother Ye, when my father returns, our Li family will definitely repay you for saving my life. Now, have a taste of our Li family’s specially grown cloud Luo Tea!”

Li Miaoling said with a smile, taking the first sip.

Ye Changge smiled slightly and savoured the aftertaste in his mouth. There was a hint of bitterness in the sweetness. Compared to ordinary tea, it was considered pretty good.

However, there was still a bit of flavor missing. It was far from being comparable to the Da Luo Tea that he had made himself.

Not only could Da Luo Tea increase one’s cultivation, but it could also help a cultivator comprehend Daoist techniques and improve one’s comprehension ability. It could be said to be very precious.

Moreover, the ingredients in it were also extremely precious. It contained dozens of types of spiritual treasures of heaven and earth, as well as rare great Dao fruit leaves. Even if an ordinary person drank a mouthful of it, they would be able to extend their life and live a long life, not to mention what it could do for cultivators!

“Big Brother Ye, you must be from a sect, right? I’ve always dreamed of entering those great sects, but unfortunately, I don’t have the chance!”

Li Miaoling said to herself. To become an Emperor at such a young age, only those great sec

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