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Chapter 284: Who Was This? This Person Had Broken Through to the Great Emperor Realm

Elder Su Yun found it hard to believe.

She had used up a lot of her body’s resources, and it was not something that could be recovered by a mere natural treasure. Even if she increased her cultivation base, it would not be able to stop the life force from flowing out of her body.

She had tried all sorts of methods, but all of them had failed.

Now, Ye Changge actually said that he could solve the hidden problems in her body.

This made her inexplicably excited.

After all, no one wanted to die if they could survive. Perhaps she could even improve her cultivation.

Thinking of this, Elder Su Yun could not suppress her excitement and bowed deeply to Ye Changge.

“Let go of your consciousness and don’t resist!”

Ye Changge took out a drop of spirit liquid. It was the primal chaos origin energy that had healed Elder Tian Xuan previously.

All things in the world, even destruction and the origin of life, could not be separated from the primal chaos origin energy.

Not only could it heal Dao injuries, it could also revive the vitality in the human body. Even a person who was on the verge of death could instantly be filled with vitality.

This was the power of the primal chaos origin energy.

In fact, it also had many powerful functions. It was a rare heavenly spirit treasure.

In terms of its level, its importance was ranked above that of an Emperor artifact. After all, an Emperor artifact’s greatest function was its offensive potential. On the other hand, the origin of chaos could not only restore vitality, but it could also increase cultivation, sense the power of laws, and heal Dao injuries…


Ye Changge flicked his finger and shot the origin of chaos into the space between her brows.

Instantly, her body emitted a brilliant brilliance. Countless streams of light began to appear, and she began exuding an inexplicable aura.

The spiritual qi in the world seemed to have turned into a long dragon of spiritual qi and merged into her dantian.


Su Yun could feel a strange power circulating in her body. It was warm and it gave her a tingling sensation.

Under this power, her exhausted internal organs were like dry patches of a desert that had met with rain. They were recovering rapidly and were emitting vigorous vitality.

In the past, she had tried all kinds of methods but failed to repair her meridians and internal organs. Now, all of them seemed to have been reborn and they were emitting a gleaming light.

She was really surprised.

What kind of power was this? Under this power, not only had her natural functions recovered, but even her cultivation base had improved a bit.

She was only half a step away from becoming a true Emperor.

But it was not over yet. The primal chaos origin was spinning in her sea of consciousness. Light that was split into seven colors cascaded an

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