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Ye Changge looked at Ning Manman with reproach in his eyes.

‘Your older brother was already very strong before he entered the sect.’

Now, under his guidance, his cultivation increased even faster, as if he was riding a rocket.

‘You became an Emperor at this age, and this had already made them gasp in admiration.

‘Now that you’ve brought up your older brother, isn’t this adding to the misery!?’

From the expressions of these elders, one could see how much they had suffered.

“Hiss, they’re all Emperors!”

Some of the elders reacted.

All of them had looks of shock on their faces. They had already forgotten how to think.

Emperors were people who had suppressed the world for eons. To become an Emperor was extremely difficult.

From the ancient times until now, many young geniuses had been stuck at the peak of the Quasi-emperor Realm.

They were unable to break through the last shackle and died of depression.

Although peak-stage quasi-emperors had as seemingly endless lifespan, it was not the same as being divine. They would still die.

Only Emperors could have truly endless lives.

But at this moment, Ning Manman’s words deeply shook their hearts.

If Ning Manman had become an Emperor all by herself, they would not be this shocked.

As a peerless expert, it was understandable that Ye Changge was able to train an Emperor.

After all, a strict teacher trained a good disciple.

But from what they were saying, it was not as simple as that.

It was a large batch of Emperors. This was too shocking.

It was extremely difficult for others to break through.


“Elders, don’t listen to my disciple’s nonsense. Let’s talk about Elder Tian Xuan’s health!”

Just as Ye Changge finished speaking.

Elder Tian Xuan’s face was filled with joy. She could not control her emotions at all.

Such a powerful figure spoke as he wished. There was no way he would lie to her.

Half-step Emperor Realm, innate spiritual qi…

This was a huge temptation for her.

Furthermore, she had the potential to become an Emperor after the problem with her body was solved.

She had been trapped in this realm for hundreds of years, and no matter how many ancient books she read, she could not do anything about it.

Now, she could finally be free.

All of this was because of the young man in front of her.

There was deep respect in Elder Tian Xuan’s eyes.

“Brother Ye, how do you want to solve Elder Tian Xuan’s hidden problem? Do you need to go to another place?”

Bai Ao Xian looked at the meeting hall in front of her.

In her opinion, this was not a good place for treatment.

At the very least, she needed a quiet and elegant place so that she could progress faster.

However, in the next moment…

Ye Changge shook his head.

“No need to trouble yourself. Just stay here!”


With a flip of his finger, a rainbow-colored drop of water appeared at the tip of his

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