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Chapter 294: The Disciples of the Sect Submitted and Wen Jiandao Exploded With Rage

“Emperor, you are an Emperor?”

Jian Wentian suppressed the blood qi in his body and was filled with disbelief.

If he had been defeated just now, he would not have been able to confirm this fact. But now, with the Emperor weapon, the Heaven-cleaving Sword, he was still defeated.

He had no choice but to believe that Su Yun had already become an Emperor.

“It’s a pity that you discovered it too late. I have indeed become a Great Emperor. Moreover, I have just advanced and you have already come knocking on my door. Do you think that this is an arrangement made by the heavens? Let me personally end you, end the grudges of the previous generation, and at the same time, let our two factions come to a complete end.”

Su Yun said expressionlessly.

She knew that this day would come, but she did not expect it to come so quickly.

Furthermore, she had just become an Emperor when her enemy came knocking on her door.

The old man thinks so highly of himself and his long life!

Originally, she had planned to go to the Desert Sword Sect for a period of time to understand this grudge, but the other party was so impatient that they came knocking on her door.

This was also good. The grudge should be resolved today.

Whether it was personal grudges or sect grudges, they should all be resolved.

Jian Wentian’s expression was incomparably bitter. His dream in this life was to become an Emperor. The heavens and earth would be destroyed, but he would not be destroyed. He would roam the heavens.

However, at this moment, his old enemy had actually become an Emperor before him. This huge blow caused his world to be filled with darkness.

However, he did not understand. He had not become an Emperor yet, and Su Yun’s talent was about the same as his. How could she become an Emperor before him?

However, it was already too late. With Su Yun becoming an Emperor, everything was already over.

The hearts of the people from the Desert Sword Sect had long been crushed. Initially, their blood was boiling, but now, their faces were filled with dejection and desolation.

They no longer had any hope. Their defeat was already set in stone!


Su Yun waved her right hand, and the Heaven-cleaving Sword slipped out of Jian Wentian’s hand and fell into her hand.

After all, this was an Emperor weapon, and it could also be a great help to the Heavenly Snow Palace.

Following the appearance of Elder Su Yun and her victory, the disciples of the Heavenly Snow Palace all cheered. They had personally witnessed the great Desert Sword Sect being ruthlessly crushed.

Some of the disciples did not know who Su Yun was. After asking the senior disciples beside them, they also revealed proud expressions.

This was their great elder!

Their great elder had defeated Jian Wentian of the great Desert Sword Sect. Didn’t this mean that

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