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Chapter 276: Ning Manman’s Grievance

“Master, why did you hit me?” Ning Manman covered her head and looked at Ye Changge with concealed bitterness.

She had a pitiful expression on her face, just like an injured kitten.

It made people want to comfort her.

“Do you feel that with your current cultivation level, you are allowed to make fun of your master?”

The corners of Ye Changge’s mouth twitched slightly. He was not deceived by her act.

Every time in situations like these, Ning Manman would pretend to be like this to gain sympathy.

This was already an old routine. Ye Changge was already immune to it.

“Master, why would you say that? I’m doing this for your own good. You’ve really misunderstood me.

I really want someone to share your burdens. First brother, second brother, third brother…

“Master, you’re under too much pressure.”

Ning Manman continued to speak.

Ye Changge watched her performance quietly. On the surface, he did not show any emotion, but in his heart, he could not help but sigh. Her acting skills were getting more and more impressive.

Why did he not realize that Ning Manman had this talent in the past?

Compared to martial arts, this talent was too strong. It was more than a few hundred times stronger.

If there was an actor profession in this world, he felt that with Ning Manman’s talent, she would definitely be able to run for the lifetime achievement award.

Although Ye Changge understood her routine, it was the first time the people from the Heavenly Snow Palace saw it.

Without any doubt, they were instantly fooled by this perfect acting skill.

One after another, they pleaded on behalf of Ning Manman. They also knew how hard it was to be a master. Although they did not know Ning Manman before this, it did not prevent this incident from resonating with them.

It was as if in an instant, they had established a deep relationship.

Ye Changge looked at this, and his head was filled with a myriad of thoughts. As expected, women’s friendships were unpredictable.

This was the reason why he was not willing to find a Dao partner. Even though there were so many saintesses and demonesses, and they all had rare talents, women’s thoughts were too unpredictable.

Just like the weather in June, it was unpredictable and chaotic.

It was better to be alone and be free.

After the Taotie matter was settled, the elders of the Heavenly Snow Palace relaxed. They looked at Ye Changge with gratitude in their eyes.

After all, this was not the place to talk. Then, under Chu Yueli’s suggestion, everyone went to the living room.

On the way, perhaps because of what had happened just now, Bai Ao Xian’s face was still very red.

Occasionally, she would steal a glance at Ye Changge and then secretly glance toward the elders, as if she was afraid of being discovered.

When the other elders saw this, they all smiled knowingly and tacitly did not point it out.

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