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Chapter 292: What? Their Grand Elder Had Actually Lost

“This is impossible!”

Jian Wentian rejected the idea on the spot. No one knew better than him how difficult it was to become an Emperor.

This was not something that could be achieved just by relying on the accumulation of one’s cultivation base. The most important thing was the deepening of one’s comprehension and understanding of the Dao.

This was not something that could be achieved in a short period of time.

Before the ruins, his realm was even higher than Su Yun’s. Now that he had not broken through, there was no need to mention Su Yun.

However, her aura had clearly become stronger.

She must have had a fortuitous encounter at the thousand-foot cliff that allowed her to increase her realm. She should not be too far away from becoming a half-step Great Emperor.

As long as she was not a Great Emperor, it was fine. With his current realm, even a half-step great Emperor would not be able to take advantage of him.

Right now, the Desert Sword Sect’s aura was like the sun in the sky. In the entire eastern region, apart from the Heavenly Snow Palace, they had already accepted everyone as their subordinates. As long as they conquered the Heavenly Snow Palace, the Desert Sword Sect would be able to dominate the eastern region.

No one could stop them.

Jian Wentian looked at Su Yun. Right now, the most difficult person to deal with was Su Yun. Presumably, this was also the reason why Wen Jiandao summoned him here. As for Ye Changge and the others, he could not even be bothered to look at them.

They were merely ants without any cultivation.

Although it was somewhat strange for a man to appear in the Heavenly Snow Palace, since he did not pose any threat, he did not mind.

“Elder Su Yun, we haven’t met for a hundred years. I wonder how your cultivation and Dao arts are progressing. Why don’t we take this opportunity to have a Dao discussion?”

Jian Wentian spoke in a rather heroic manner.

Looking at the smiles between the two of them, those who did not know better would think that they were really just discussing Dao. However, those who knew the two sides understood that this battle determined the life and death of the great Desert Sword Sect.

If Jian Wentian was defeated, the great Desert Sword Sect would end up in a miserable state.

If Su Yun of the Snow Palace was defeated, the Heavenly Snow Palace would cease to exist.

The people of the great Desert Sword Sect did not think that the Heavenly Snow Palace would be able to win. In fact, they had already predicted that after the Heavenly Snow Palace lost, they would kneel down and beg for mercy.

However, what they did not know was that this battle had already ended. From the moment they stepped into the Heavenly Snow Palace, the outcome was already decided.

The Desert Sword Sect was about to suffer a crushing defeat!

In the plaza!

The expressions of the people f

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