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Chapter 287: The Power of the Sword of the Great Dao

Following Ye Changge’s wave, the Heavenly Inquiring Stone took the initiative to leave the stone altar and directly flew up.

It flew in his direction.

In the air, it emitted an inexplicable radiance, flowing with brilliant colors, and its Dao charm rose four times. It became very exciting.


“I didn’t expect Senior Ye to conquer it right after he arrived. Our Heavenly Snow Palace has summoned it for thousands of years, but we still failed to win its approval. It’s too infuriating.”

“Isn’t that so? How can we accept this? It’s fortunate that Senior Ye made a move. Otherwise, we really would not be able to face others.”

“With Senior Ye’s ability, to us, the extremely troublesome Heavenly Inquiring Stone is nothing in Senior Ye’s hands!”

These elders were all discussing animatedly, their faces giving away their shock and astonishment.

Although they knew that Senior Ye could obtain the Heavenly Inquiring Stone’s approval, they did not think that it would be so easy to subdue this prideful Heavenly Inquiring Stone.

Could it be that a broken stone also knew how to distinguish between strength and weakness? This was looking down on them, who were at the peak of the Quasi-emperor Realm.

If not, why was it that when Ye Changge demonstrated the cultivation of a god, the heaven-seeking stone just activated immediately?

However, they were not jealous. Wasn’t it a majestic treasure? Yes, it was meant for the capable after all. It was useless to them. Instead, it would be a waste to just hold on to this kind of treasure.

“Congratulations, Senior Ye, for obtaining the Heavenly Inquiring Stone approval!”

Bai Ao Xian’s beautiful eyes shone.

This was the true demeanor of a powerhouse!

The other elders also congratulated him. Ye Changge being able to obtain the Heavenly Inquiring Stone’s approval made them happy from the bottom of their hearts.

This meant that they had truly formed a good relationship with him. In this world, there were many dangers, and having a powerful backer was undoubtedly of great importance to the development of their sect.

Although they did not know the background of their senior and did not dare to ask, they could tell from Ning Manman’s words that there was definitely a powerful sect or a greater power behind them.

It was their wish to have a good relationship with them.

At this moment…

The Heavenly Inquiring Stone directly entered the space between Ye Changge’s brows. Waves of brilliant light started to flash out from his body, exuding a crystalline radiance.

Following that, a powerful aura erupted, piercing through space and arriving above the Heavenly Snow Palace, forming a powerful devouring force.

Instantly, the boundless heaven and earth spiritual qi began to tremble and gather towards the sky.


In Ye Changge’s divine soul space, the Heavenly Inquiring Stone spun slowl

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