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Chapter 297: Giving Up the Position of Sect Master, I’ll Leave With You

In the evening, the moon was bright and the stars were sparse.

Ye Changge sat on the stone platform in the courtyard and looked at the full moon in the sky. He sighed heavily.

“Master, what’s wrong?”

Ning Manman walked over from behind him and sat on the stone bench as well.

“It’s been a while since I’ve left the sect. I wonder how your older brothers are doing…”

“Hey, what can they do? They are probably either practicing in the sect or going to various places to test their strength!”

Her brothers were all madmen when it came to their practice.

Without their master’s restraint, he was afraid that they’ve all gone mad with killing. As a practiced cultivator, those who can quickly improve their cultivation, in addition to practice, are able to improve through battle.

Moreover, the way to battle was to quickly increase one’s strength and stabilize one’s realm. There was nothing that could help one break through more than this method.

As Ning Manman spoke, she suddenly noticed that her master’s face had a hint of worry. He was only looking at the bright moon in the sky, not paying attention to what she was saying. Then, as if she had thought of something, she grinned and said, “Master, I don’t think you miss my older brothers.

“You just can’t bear to part with Sister Bai, right?”

She revealed a cheeky smile, thinking that she had seen through her master’s thoughts

“Master, don’t hit me anymore. I’ll be knocked silly!”

Seeing her master use his unique skill again, Ning Manman quickly dodged this time. She covered her head and said aggrievedly, “It’s always this move. She’s a girl, alright? If you don’t get married, master, you’ll have to take care of me!”

Actually, he really had this thought. This feeling must be very strange.

“You little girl, all you can think about is some useless stuff. If you dare to spout nonsense again, I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Ye Changge threatened.

Regarding Ning Manman’s personality, he really had no other way.

In the past, he had said that he would be locked up, but it was all a joke. If it was for real, he could imagine that he would definitely be bored to death. Every day, he would receive this little girl’s voice transmission, begging him to let him out.

Faced with her master’s threat, Ning Manman was not afraid at all. Instead, she smiled and said, “I know you won’t, master. You’re the best. Among so many older brothers and sisters and my seniors, I feel that you’re the one who treats me the best.”

She had long noticed this point.

“If you know that, then why don’t you cultivate properly? Look at your older brothers. Which one of them hasn’t become an expert of a region? Apart from you putting all your attention on causing trouble, you should think more about your own matters when you have time. You’re even worried about master. Aren’t you afraid that you won’

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