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Chapter 282: Cloud Heart Palace


A clear sound resounded throughout the palace.

A powerful aura radiated from Elder Tian Xuan’s body.

This aura far surpassed the peak of the Quasi-emperor Realm.

“Half-step Emperor?!”

Chu Yueli exclaimed.

She would never forget the aura of a half-step Emperor.

Back in the Azure Dragon Secret Realm, Shi Shan, an elder of the Desert Sword Sect, had broken through to the half-step Emperor Realm.

It was the same suffocating majesty.

She did not expect that the moment Elder Tian Xuan’s hidden injuries were cured, a breakthrough in cultivation would follow.

Soon, the hall returned to its usual calm.

Elder Tian Xuan woke up from her meditation and felt the powerful aura in her body. She was ecstatic.

She walked up to Ye Changge and knelt down. She said respectfully, “Senior Ye, you gave me a new life, just like my birth parents did. If you need anything in the future, I, Tian Xuan will go through fire and water to help you achieve it.”

At this moment, the shackles that had troubled Elder Tian Xuan were finally resolved.

She had even successfully broken through to the Half-step Great Emperor realm. All of this was made possible by this senior.

She had no way of repaying this favor. She only had this life.

“Elder Tian Xuan, you’re being too serious!”

Ye Changge smiled and lifted Elder Tian Xuan up with his palm.

To him, this was just a trivial matter.

As he spoke, he looked at Bai Ao Xian.

Bai Ao Xian smiled and looked at the elders. “This senior has saved my Heavenly Snow Palace many times. I have decided to gift the Heavenly Inquiring Stone to you, and let this be the start of a good relationship with you.”

When she said this, the entire hall fell silent.

The Heavenly Inquiring Stone was a secret treasure of their sect. It was left behind by the founder of their sect.

It had an extraordinary meaning.

The sect master wanted to give it to Ye Changge?

The other elders looked at each other and nodded silently.

If it was anyone else, these elders would not agree.

But Ye Changge was different. He had a great favor for their sect.

First, he subdued the Taotie, then he solved the problem of Elder Tian Xuan’s constitution.

These favors were greater than the heavens. A small Heavenly Inquiring Stone was indeed nothing.

Moreover, they could not wait to do so. This way, they could establish a relationship with Ye Changge, and the value of a Heavenly Inquiring Stone would be much higher.

The elders looked at it and cupped their hands towards Bai Ao Xian. “Sect leader, you are wise.”

As they spoke, their gazes were still lingering on the two of them.

Their sect leader’s appearance was comparable to that of a celestial immortal, and Senior Ye was also like a dragon or a phoenix among men. If they could form a good relationship with him, it would be perfect.

However, such matters could not b

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