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In the valley, everything was settled.

Following Li Hongyun’s death and the Netherworld elder’s departure, everyone’s mood gradually stabilized.

Ye Changge had saved their lives.

The feeling of surviving this calamity made them very grateful.

As for the star fruit, they no longer coveted it.

Victory belonged to the strong.

Moreover, they were already very satisfied with having their lives saved.

Hence, after thanking him, they left the valley one after another.

“Young Master Ye, you’re really too formidable.

You actually defeated the Netherworld elder. I’m afraid that your realm is already at the middle stage of the Reincarnation Realm.

Our sect master is only at the middle stage of the Reincarnation Realm. You really ascended from the lower realm!”

Seeing everyone leave, Zhong Ling ‘er opened her mouth and said curiously.

She had only seen this kind of strength from the sect master.

She did not expect Ye Changge to have such tyrannical strength at such a young age.

What a monstrous talent!

The intermediate stage of the Reincarnation Realm was a realm that many cultivators dreamed of.

It could be said that he had already stood at the peak of the northern desert.

As for Ye Changge saying that he had just ascended, she did not believe it.

How could he have just ascended? It was the cultivation of the Reincarnation Realm.

From the Emperor Realm to the Reincarnation Realm, there was a difference of more than ten major realms. This was too terrifying.

Mo Qingmeng’s eyes were filled with curiosity.

Zhong Ling ‘er’s doubts mirrored her doubts.

When she thought of the cultivation technique Ye Changge cultivated, he became even more determined that Ye Changge was a disciple of the Great Dao Sacred Heavenly Palace.

Did he just ascend?

No, it must have been just a pretense.

When Ye Changge saw that they did not believe him, he did not explain too much.

‘I, Ye changge, have been doing these things all my life, why should I explain myself to others?

‘It’s fine if they don’t believe me.’

“Go and get the star fruit now!”

Ye Changge said indifferently.

Mo Qingmeng nodded and walked directly in the direction of the star fruit.

The eight-armed demon dragon was already scared out of its wits.

After witnessing Ye Changge’s strength, it no longer coveted the star fruit.

When the lightning wreaking havoc just now, this young man was actually not afraid at all. It had already been deeply imprinted in his mind.

The Netherworld elder behind him was even more terrifying. That giant claw that blotted out the sky could tear his body apart with a single strike.

And this young man was actually able to destroy him with just one punch.

It was too terrifying!

This had already exceeded its imagination. No matter how precious the star fruits were, it still needed to be alive to reap their benefits.

Thus, it directly gave up

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