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Chapter 352: Reincarnation Temple? Reincarnation Law?

“Mister Ye, what exactly are you looking for?!”

As the Reincarnation Deathtrap went deeper, the surrounding poison barrier became more and more severe.

There was even a faint Yin specter aura coming from it.

This Yin specter power was extremely terrifying. Even the Godly Spirit Realm cultivators felt their entire bodies go cold.

It was as if their entire bodies had entered an ice cellar.

However, this feeling was different from the cold energy.

Within this energy, there was a bloodthirsty killing intent that could confuse one’s mind.

It made one’s soul tremble.

If it were not for Ye Changge using his supernatural power, they would not have been able to hold on.

This made them even more curious.

Ye Changge’s entire body was like a ball of mist.

“Ya Ya Ya!”

Suddenly, at this moment.

A few cries came from the front, and a few strange-looking creatures leaped down from the sky.

They had three legs, and on their wings were strange symbols that were the size of a calf. Above their heads, there were contrasting black and white colors.

Mo Qingmeng was immediately stunned.

“This is the reincarnation bird!”

She had read about it in an extremely unpopular ancient book.

It was said that the reincarnation bird was formed from the power of reincarnation. It had the ability to pass through reincarnation, and it could enter the space of life and death. It was very strange.

Where the reincarnation bird existed, a Reincarnation Temple was close.

This was what surprised him the most.

The Reincarnation Temple!

This was an ancient temple that had appeared ten thousand years ago. It was said that it contained the inheritance of the power of reincarnation.

Everyone on the continent knew about it.

Everyone wanted to find the existence of the Reincarnation Temple.

However, for millions of years, the cultivators had been unable to find the Reincarnation Temple even after they had broken through the Forbidden Land of Reincarnation.

However, at this moment, they discovered something.

The existence of the Reincarnation Temple.

In front of them, a black and gray temple was quietly floating in the air, emitting an inexplicable aura.

The Reincarnation Temple was unusually large, and it was not much smaller than their Star Palace.

This was not just the size of the Star Palace, but the entire compound of the Star Palace.

One couldn’t imagine how vast the Reincarnation Temple was. It was beyond their imagination.

In front of the Reincarnation Temple.

There were hundreds of stairs that extended all the way down to the Land of Reincarnation.

The entire staircase was made of white jade crystals and was shining with an inexplicable light.

At the entrance, there was a huge ancient black plaque that stood upright. Mysterious words were clearly engraved on it.

Reincarnation Temple.

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