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Chapter 349: The Power of Ye Changge

Li Hongyun exerted all his strength, but he was unable to break free.

He could only watch helplessly as the attack came, revealing a look of despair.

He could even feel the pain brought by the attack hitting his chest.


Ye Changge’s power was shapeless and colorless, and the trajectory was unfathomable.

The Netherworld elder wanted to make a move, but there was nothing he could do.

An explosion sounded, ringing out across the space.

This attack hit his chest ruthlessly, and then it exploded abruptly.

Li Hongyun’s entire body was torn into pieces.

The only sound that could be heard was a sigh.

An expert at the middle stage of the Godly Spirit Realm died just like that.

Everyone had shocked expressions.

“This strength is too terrifying, we can’t provoke him!”

“No matter what, Li Hongyun is still a genuine Godly Spirit Realm expert, yet he was killed just like that.”

“Who exactly is this person? Could it be that he isn’t afraid of facing the Great Luo Heavenly Palace’s pursuit?”

“Pursuit? What are you thinking? Someone who can kill Li Hongyun, wouldn’t be afraid of this!”

Everyone was discussing animatedly.

Although Ye Changge was able to block the power of lightning previously, no one had ever thought that he actually had the ability to kill Li Hongyun.

They all thought that Ye Changge had some kind of magic treasure to divert the power of lightning.

There were all sorts of wonders in the greater world. There had once been people who used such a numinous treasure when transcending tribulation.

But following this punch, Li Hongyun was directly blasted apart.

This was unbelievable.

This person’s realm was so powerful. Logically speaking, he should have been famous in the northern desert long ago.

Could it be that he was a disciple from a large sect outside the northern desert?

When everyone thought of this possibility, they all let out a breath of cold air.

Although the northern desert was very large and had many experts, in the greater world, it was just dust and sand.

The outside world was truly grand and magnificent, and there were countless experts among them.

If he really came from outside the northern desert, then this matter could be easily explained.

This was a figure with a heaven-defying background.

While everyone was shocked, they suddenly realized that their lives were saved.

Ye Changge was so powerful, so it was very likely that this was the tip of the iceberg that he revealed.

The Netherworld elder might not be able to match up to him.

“Who are you?”

The elder of the Netherworld also became serious.

To be able to casually kill a middle-stage God Spirit Realm cultivator.

Then his cultivation was certainly not weak. At the very least, he had the cultivation of the Reincarnation Realm.

Moreover, his martial path was also extremely strange.

He did

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