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Chapter 347: Was He Trying to Commit Suicide?

With her eyes on Li Hongyun’s attack, Mo Qingmeng was about to go forward, but she was stopped by a hand.

It was Ye Changge.

“Let me!”

A simple sentence, but it released a domineering air that filled the sky.

Mo Qingmeng was stunned. She suddenly thought of the scene in the Star Palace.

That was when she had probed Ye Changge. She had fallen into his environment and came upon the expanse of the stars in the sky.

In the vision, that indifferent figure had his hands behind his back as if he was not interested in everything around him.

The brilliance of the stars in the sky paled in front of him.

Could this man create a miracle?

Mo Qingmeng was filled with anticipation.

He was courting death!

Li Hongyun sneered.

Seeing that it was Ye Changge, he circulated his vital essence to extreme levels. It was obvious that he wanted to kill Ye Changge directly.

“Great Luo Heaven-tearing Palm!”

The dense vital essence gathered in his palm and then burst out with an intense aura.

The spiritual qi between the heavens and earth instantly rushed over and condensed into a red palm print in the open space.

This palm print covered the sky and sun, covering more than half of the valley. A powerful aura burst out, as if it was going to shatter the sky.

“This is the Great Luo Heaven-tearing Palm, the Great Luo Heavenly Palace’s inherited secret skill!”

“This is not good. I don’t know if he can withstand this attack!”

“It’s hard to say. I don’t know who this man is, but he actually asked Lady Mo to protect him like this.

“If I can get such a good treatment, even if I have to die right now, I’d be willing!”

Everyone had different thoughts on the matter and discussed animatedly.

Some people were frightened by the strength of this attack, while others were curious about Ye Changge’s identity.

Mo Qingmeng’s personality was cold and indifferent. This was a well-known matter in the northern desert.

No matter what she did, she only had a servant by her side. They had never seen a third person.

But today, for the first time ever, she actually brought a man with her. And this man was someone they did not know yet. They were thinking about the marriage between the Star Palace and the Great Luo Heavenly Palace.

Mo Qingmeng did not look too happy, and everyone started to let their imaginations run wild.

Could it be that this man was really Lady Mo’s Dao companion?

This idea had just been conceived, and everyone immediately rejected it. It was absolutely impossible.

At this moment…

Li Hongyun’s attack had already finished brewing, and he directly suppressed Ye Changge.

Under this attack, all the obstacles along the way were crushed into nothingness.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. Mo Qingmeng’s heart also skipped a beat. She did not know if Ye Changge would be able to withstand it.

Under the ga

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