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Chapter 350: Mo Qingmeng’s Thoughts

The void in the valley exploded, and the spiritual energy was like the spiritual energy in a pressure cooker, directly boiling.

A huge bone claw condensed in the air, exuding an ice-cold aura.

Everyone looked at the spirit claw that seemed to have materialized, and they were all shocked.

This was the Netherworld elder’s ultimate move.

They only took a glance at it, and they felt their souls tremble.

No wonder they were able to dodge the pursuit of the two major factions a thousand years ago. This was because their strength was too strong!

If this attack landed on their bodies, there was absolutely no chance of survival.

This was not an exaggeration!

It was because the Netherworld elder was truly incomparably terrifying.

On one side was Ye Changge’s palm print, and on the other side was the Nether Spirit Claw.

Who would win and who would lose?!

Everyone felt extremely curious.

Even Mo Qingmeng became nervous.

Although Ye Changge could defeat Li Hongyun, he was facing the Netherworld elder this time, so she did not have any confidence in him.

Her hands were tightly clenched together, and fine beads of sweat were already seeping out from her palms.


Finally, the two attacks collided.

An explosion sounded.

Everyone was shocked to discover that the originally powerful Nether Spirit Claw was actually being defeated, smashed into pieces.

Until it finally disappeared.

Following that, the attack did not decrease in momentum. Before the Netherworld elder could react, he felt a pain in his chest.

He was directly sent flying by this force for a thousand meters.

Blood splattered in the air, and the earth trembled.

The elder had actually lost.

Everyone’s expressions showed intense shock.

Although they had this thought, they were all extremely shocked when they saw the scene with their own eyes.

This impact was like a hammer, striking heavily on their hearts.

Looking at that indifferent figure, they were all silent.

Who was the elder of the Netherworld!?

He was a super expert who faced the steel and hard forces head-on.

But now, he was defeated by a nobody.

And it was a crushing defeat.

The Netherworld elder could not take it. The spectators did not dare to believe it.

Their eyes were wide open, and they had not recovered from the shocked scene.

A moment later.

The Netherworld elder flew over.

His face was filled with disbelief, as if he had seen something terrifying.

This young man was actually so terrifying.

He had easily crushed him.

The huge psychological blow caused it to be in disbelief.

“Who… who exactly are you? How can you have such terrifying battle strength!?”

Just now, his Nether Spirit Claw was the strongest divine ability he had ever used.

Although his strength had not completely recovered, the attack just now already contained 80% of

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