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Chapter 344: The Old Man of the Netherworld Isn’t Dead Yet?

Li Hongyun’s gaze was fixed on Ye Changge.

Last time, with Mo Qingmeng’s obstruction, his attack was directly blocked.

But this time, he was not so lucky.

“Mo Qingmeng, our sacred son doesn’t like you to be so close with others.

“If this matter were to reach his ears, you know very well how serious the matter is.

“If you kill him, nothing will change”

Li Hongyun stood on the boulder, looking down at Ye Changge.

There was a threatening tone in his tone.

Mo Qingmeng knew that what he said was true.

Bai Zimu had a very strong desire for control, to the point of being sick with it.

But what did this have to do with her?

Anyway, three months later, the marriage between the Star Palace and the Great Luo Heavenly Palace would not succeed.

As for Ye Changge’s safety, he had already repeatedly confirmed it on the way here.

There was no problem.

Even when he was being pursued by Bai Zimu, he did not take it seriously.

Until now, that sentence was still lingering in his mind.

“At this time, there is nothing that can make me feel fear!”

Mo Qingmeng did not know where she got her confidence from.

However, after understanding Ye Changge’s character over the past few days, she knew that he was not a person who spoke without any reason.

Moreover, with his protection, there was not much of a problem.

“Li Hongyun, how many times have I told you…

“I will not agree to this marriage. You should give up on this idea!”

Mo Qingmeng said in a domineering manner.

She had always disliked marriage, and even the people of the Great Luo Heavenly Palace bore a grudge against it.

They were all a bunch of sick lunatics.

“Good, very good!”

Facing Mo Qingmeng’s resolute attitude, Li Hongyun sneered twice.

Since she did not know what was good for her, there were plenty of people who could teach her a lesson.

The most important thing now was to harvest the star fruit first.

“Hmph, still thinking of putting up a stubborn resistance!

“If you were at your peak, I would still be able to fear you.

“You are only courting death right now.”

Seeing the eight-armed demonic dragon charging at him again with a roar, Li Hongyun laughed mockingly.

He directly launched a powerful attack, sending him flying.

The eight heads drooped powerlessly, as if they had lost their fighting strength.

“Is this the star fruit? It is indeed extraordinary!”

Li Hongyun looked at the star fruit with passionate eyes and exclaimed.

He could feel that there was a majestic power contained in it. It was as if the power was about to burst out.

Just by gazing at it quietly, he could feel the state of his body loosening.

If he swallowed these spirit fruits directly, the benefits would be unimaginable.

He might be able to advance from the intermediate stage of the Godly Spirit Realm to the intermediate

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