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Chapter 332: The Sunset Immortal Sect, They Were About to Have Their Treasure Pavilion Emptied and They Almost Fainted

The people of the Sunset Immortal Sect were all dumbfounded.

From the moment Ye Changge entered through the mountain gate, to the moment when the elders fought back and failed, to the moment when Yin Nietian came out and measured the array, they still failed.

These disciples fell from heaven to hell, and finally fell into the abyss. They had already gone mad.

Their spirits fell as they felt shock, disbelief, despair…

Their hearts had already given out. Now, all of them directly collapsed on the square, without any expression on their faces.

They were numb.

They did not expect Ye Changge to be so afraid. Everyone from their Sunset Immortal Sect had been defeated by Ye Changge.

At this moment…

Li Miaoling also did not expect Ye Changge to be so terrifying.

Previously, although she felt that Ye Changge was very powerful, she did not expect him to be so terrifying. Even this large sect was no match for him.

Especially when the other party even used the mountain protecting array, they still were no match for Ye Changge. Such a violent attack, even when he watched from afar, people would feel a suffocating feeling.

But to Ye Changge, it was this terrifying attack that was easily crushed.

“Senior, we know we were wrong. Please let us live.

We can compensate you for your losses. As long as we leave the hope of our sect, we will be eternally grateful.”

At this point, Yin Nietian no longer had any thoughts of resisting.

Ye Changge’s strength had already exceeded his imagination. It was like a nightmare, deeply imprinted in his soul.

Not to mention their strongest attack, had been crushed, even if there is this card, he did not have any fighting courage.

His heart was broken.

So, now they were begging for mercy.

The other elders looked at him. They were also open to beg for mercy, with a crying face.

“Senior, we have unwittingly offended you and committed a heinous crime. We dare not ask for forgiveness, but we beg you to spare us. Please don’t exterminate us.”

“If we had known that you had such a relationship with the Li family, even if we had the guts to, we would not have dared to go any further, let alone directly capture Li Miaoling.”

“Please spare my Sunset Immortal Sect, we are willing to pay the price, in order to offset the offense to the senior.”

The weeping on the faces of the elders was surprising.

They had put in so much effort for the Sunset Immortal Sect. If they were to be destroyed like this, they would not be willing to forgive themselves. Even if they were in the underworld, they would not be able to obtain the forgiveness of the founder of the Sunset Immortal Sect.

At this moment, the dignity of the sect had long since been shoved to the back of their minds. The most important thing now was to preserve the hope of t

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