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Chapter 345: Li Hongyun’s Fear


A grey Daoist figure shook the pond, causing a huge splash.

Then, the atmosphere changed, and the surrounding spiritual energy gathered in an out of control manner and merged into his body.

His realm was still rising, and his aura was getting stronger and stronger.


His realm had broken through.

He was now at the middle stage of the Reincarnation Realm, and his powerful aura formed circles of ripples in the air, shaking everyone’s qi and blood.

Those cultivators who were still recovering from their injuries could not help but spit out large mouthfuls of blood.

Their injuries were even more serious.

These people’s faces were filled with shock. However, his aura was already so terrifying. How terrifying was his true strength?

“Haha, I’ve finally broken through.

“Great Luo Heavenly Palace, Star Palace, I’ll have to settle this with all of you.”

The Netherworld elder, You Ming’s murderous aura surrounded him.

It had already materialized.

One could imagine how much hatred he had towards the two sects.

Li Hong Yun’s hand was less than half a foot away from the star fruit, but it stopped.

He turned his neck stiffly and looked at the Netherworld elder in disbelief.

He said in shock, “You… how are you still alive?!

“How is this possible?!”

He was truly shocked.

When he was still a quasi-emperor, he was lucky enough to see what had happened back then. He saw with his own eyes that the Netherworld elder’s body had been blown to pieces.

His soul had been destroyed.

He had never dreamed that the Netherworld elder was still alive!

What was going on!?

“You little brat from the Great Luo Heavenly Palace, I remember you!”

The old man sneered sinisterly and directly locked Li Hongyun’s neck.

Everyone was even more shocked.

Li Hongyun actually did not have the slightest ability to resist the elder’s power.

One had to know that he was at the middle stage of the Godly Spirit Realm, so how strong was the old man?

At this moment, everyone felt as though they had fallen into an abyss.

“When I was being chased back then, I saw you behind me. Clapping your hands in humor.”

Elder You Ming’s voice seemed to come from the underworld.

Coupled with the terrifying expression on his face, he was like an evil spirit from the underworld, terrifying enough to make people’s souls uneasy.

Li Hongyun was completely shocked.

He struggled violently, but Elder You Ming’s palm was like an iron claw. He was unable to break free at all.

His face was white and his hair was turning green. It was if he was about to die.

If an expert of the Godly Spirit Realm was suffocated to death, who knew how many people would laugh at him if word got out…

But now, he could no longer care about these things and used his remaining strength to roar.

“Lord You Ming, let me go.

“I am willing to become your ser

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