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Chapter 333: Are These Puppets? Li Miaoxian Was Shocked


‘They’re trying to make us desperate.’

Yin Nietian’s hackles was raised. If someone else had said this, he would have attacked long ago.

Moreover, it was the kind of desperate attack. But now that Ye Changge was here, who dared to make a move.

That would mean that they were tired of living. Not to mention emptying their treasure pavilion, even their lives were being tightly held in the hands of others. How could they have any right to say no?

This truth was undeniable!

The powerful could really do whatever they wanted.

“Great Dao fruit, mandala flower, enlightenment lotus…”

Li Miaoling read them out one by one. At the same time, she stored the treasures in her interspatial ring.

If she read a name, she would rob one. This made the elders of the Sunset Immortal Sect feel their hearts bleed.

In any case, it would be a waste if they did not take it. This was their gift of apology.

Who asked them to capture this young lady here? Then it was only right for them to take their things.

Looking at Li Miaoling’s actions, Ye Changge smiled faintly.

To be honest, although the things here were not bad, there were very few things that caught his eye.

He only took a few things that allowed him to gain enlightenment. After all, after entering the Reincarnation Deathtrap, he was there to comprehend the laws of reincarnation. These things that allowed him to gain enlightenment were indispensable.

Although they played a negligible role, it was still better than nothing.

Very soon, under the duo’s plunder, the treasure pavilion was quickly emptied. It was really emptied.

What was left for them were only some items that could improve their cultivation. They were the lowest level of existence among these treasures.

However, they were helpless. They did not have any right to speak. They could only stare with bloodshot eyes. They did not even have the right to interrupt.

Among them, Ye Changge only took a small portion. Most of the items fell into Li Miaoling’s pocket.

Regarding this, Ye Changge did not mind.

At this moment.

Li Miaoling directly took out an interspatial ring and said to Ye Changge, “Brother Ye, these are for you!”

She knew that Ye Changge did not like these things, so she brought them over for him.

She did not leave any for the Sunset Immortal Sect.

These were all accumulated by their sect over thousands of years. When the elders of the Sunset Immortal Sect saw this interspatial ring, they stared longingly.

Their hearts were truly bleeding.

At this moment, they already regretted provoking the Li clan for no reason. They were greedy for the Li clan’s magic treasures.

This was great. The thousands of years of inheritance had been emptied out.

“I don’t need these. You can keep them.”

Ye Changge smiled slightly. He really did not care about these things.

“How can t

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