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Chapter 346: Mo Qingmeng’s Crisis

“Hmph, a little girl who doesn’t know the immensity of the heavens and earth, I’ll let you know the consequences of contradicting me in a while.

“However, judging by your good looks, I’m interested in letting you become my bed-warming servant girl.


The Daoist’s laughter resounded throughout the valley.

He had not been with a woman for a thousand years, and he felt like his body was gathering dust.

The key was that these two women were not bad looking.

Especially Mo Qingmeng. Her enchanting figure and majestic height deeply stimulated him.

What made him even more unable to control himself were her fair legs that made his eyes open wide.

His entire body was about to be engulfed in flames.

If he were to lie atop such an exquisite beauty, it would be extremely intoxicating.

Furthermore, the servant beside her was not too bad either.

Although she appeared a little inexperienced, there were still benefits to being inexperienced. One could easily enjoy oneself if one was inexperienced.

With his combat strength, it would not be a problem even if he were to fight against two women.

He considered himself a hero in his past.

After that, he looked at Mo Qingmeng and spoke directly to her.

“Mo Qingmeng, you really won’t agree to my conditions?

“If you agree to surrender yourself, you can still avoid some physical pain. I can be a little gentler later.

“If I take the initiative to make a move, then it will be very rough.”

The elder’s eyeballs rolled as he sized up Mo Qingmeng.

That gaze made it seem as if his eyes wanted to strip her naked.

“Hmph! You’re delusional.”

Mo Qingmeng said in disgust.

After saying this, the aura all over her body soared into the sky as she looked coldly at Daoist You Ming.

From the beginning, he had already pushed his aura to extreme levels.

The Netherworld elder was not an ordinary cultivator and could not be treated with common sense.

Even so, he did not have any confidence because the Netherworld elder’s cultivation had already reached the Reincarnation Realm.

He was only at the middle stage of the Godly Spirit Realm and the two were a big realm apart. There was a huge gap between them.

“Petty tricks.”

The Netherworld elder looked at the aura coming from Mo Qingmeng’s body with disdain.

This weak aura did not even qualify him to face her seriously.

“Nether Spirit Claw!”

With a deep sigh, he only used 30% of his strength.

It would be bad if he broke this delicate beauty.

The Netherworld elder also knew when to attack. In this case, he just needed to control her.


The enormous spirit claw pierced through the air, and its mighty aura seemed as if it wanted to shatter the void.

This was far more powerful than Elder Mo’s attack.

If Elder Mo’s attack was a small mountain, then his current attack was the archaic divine mountain.


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