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Chapter 334: The Li Family Members Were Shocked

After the Sunset Immortal Sect elders felt the abnormality in their minds, they subconsciously looked at each other and looked at Li Miaoxian.

Right after Ye Changge’s actions just now, they felt that Li Miaoxian had become different at this moment.

It was as if a casual thought could control their life and death.

They were being controlled.

“Brother Ye, how can this be? You have already done our Li family a great favor, and now…”

This favor was too great.

It was equivalent to giving them a sect for free. After Li Miaoxian understood, she was immediately scared to death.

If it was Feng Li himself, it would be fine. But now, it was the elders of the entire Sunset Immortal Sect. This directly shocked her.

If the Li family knew about this, she did not know what they would think.

Perhaps the entire family would be so happy that they would go crazy!

Yin Nietian also understood what was going on. In the future, they would be shackled and had no choice but to obey Li Miaoling.

It was equivalent to the Sunset Immortal Sect becoming the Li family’s bodyguards.

Their hearts were extremely uncomfortable.

But what could they do? If they did not accept it, they would die. No one wanted to die.

So they had no choice but to accept it.

“I, Yin Nietian, greet Sect Master Li!”

Was she not their sect master? A single thought could decide their life and death. This had completely changed the way they addressed Li Miaoling.

She felt that calling her master was not good. At the same time, it also saved their pride.

To them, this was already good enough.

Seeing that the matter had been resolved, Ye Changge said, “If Li Miaoling has anything for you to do, you must do your best. Otherwise, you know the consequences.

“These shackles will make you unable to live, unable to die. If you perform well, I can still consider returning to your freedom after a hundred years.

“But everything depends on your performance.”

Hearing this, the elders’ eyes instantly lit up.

They all heaved a sigh of relief. A hundred years, this was still fine.

If it was a lifetime, they really would have crashed into a wall and died.

After that, under the expectant gazes of the disciples of the Sunset Immortal Sect, they sent the two great gods away.

They all collapsed onto the ground and wiped the cold sweat off their heads. This feeling was really too unbearable.

They had to constantly worry about whether they would lose their little lives.

“Inform the disciples of this matter. No one is to spread it. Otherwise, the sect rules will punish them.”

Yin Nietian said in a gloomy voice.

He was the most sullen person here. He was so angry that he was about to explode.

He originally thought that after breaking through, the people here in the Heavenly Capital City would not be his match. Who knew that right after he came out of secl

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