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Chapter 335: Curiosity Was the Beginning of the Fall

The entire Li family’s hall was silent.

What did they hear? The entire power of the Sunset Immortal Sect was under Li Miaoling’s control.

In other words, Li Miaoling controlled the entire Sunset Immortal Sect.

They could not believe their ears. After confirming it again and again, they all revealed excited expressions.

What kind of sect was the Sunset Immortal Sect?

It was the largest sect in the northern desert. Its power was self-evident, and there were people in the Godly Spirit Realm in the sect.

Yin Nietian’s strength could not be underestimated.

Moreover, they also received explosive information that Yin Nietian had just broken through and was now in the middle stage of the Godly Spirit Realm.

With this power, in the entire capital, who else could stand on equal footing with them?

The entire Li family was immersed in excitement, unable to extricate themselves.

On the other side…

After Ye Changge returned to the Star Pavilion, he simply tidied up and set off towards the land of reincarnation.

Before he left, Ning Manman wanted to follow him, but she was rejected.

Inside the white dragon carriage…

Mo Qingmeng and her maid sat on one side while Ye Changge sat on the other side with his eyes closed to rest.

“Miss, can he really defeat the eight-armed demon dragon!?”

The servant asked.

Before setting off, Mo Qingmeng told Ye Changge the truth. In one place of the Reincarnation Deathtrap, there was a star fruit that was about to mature.

He also knew that the star fruit contained the power of the stars, especially for those who cultivated the Star Cultivation Technique, it had an indescribable effect.

However, there were powerful demon beasts guarding the genius spiritual treasures.

The one guarding this star fruit was the eight-armed demon dragon.

The eight-armed demon dragon was one of the ancient murderers. It had eight heads, and each head had a gifted special ability. Moreover, its body and spear were powerful, so ordinary attacks had no effect at all.

Although Ye Changge’s cultivation was powerful and he had defeated Elder Mo, they did not know his specific cultivation and realm.

If he could not deal with the eight-armed demonic dragon, then they would all fall into the abyss and die.

“I believe in him.”

Faced with the servant’s question, Mo Qingmeng said resolutely.

She understood the principle of never doubting a person when using him. Moreover, she believed in Ye Changge’s strength and that he would definitely give her a surprise.

The white dragon carriage moved very quickly and soon arrived at the edge of the Reincarnation Deathtrap.

The Reincarnation Deathtrap was located in the middle of the Reincarnation Mountains. This place was shrouded in a layer of fog all year round and one could not see the full picture inside. Looking from here, the pitch-black mountain peak

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