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Chapter 338: Everything Depended on Fate

These nine-colored spiders came one after another. They were not something that the powerful demonic beasts could compare to.

They were not intelligent, so they did not experience any fear. Even though they had lost countless comrades, they still continued to attack.

Mo Qingmeng immediately executed the Star Hand Seal. It condensed into a huge white palm in the air, and directly smashed down.

Very quickly, a very thick layer of spider corpses piled up on the ground.

“My lady, what should we do? The number of these spiders is increasing!”

Zhong Ling said worriedly.

If they were unable to break through the spiders’ blockade, it was very likely that they would continue to exhaust themselves here.

Due to their repeated attacks, coupled with the natural environment of the Reincarnation Deathtrap, a layer of sweat quickly appeared on Mo Qingmeng’s forehead.

More than half of the true essence in her body had been used up.

If this continued, just as Zhong Ling had said, they would be trapped here until their deaths!

Right at this moment…

They felt a wave of scorching fire power closing in.

It was Ye Changge!

His entire body was surrounded by a layer of dense flames, as if he was a beacon of fire. He was releasing a dense heavenly fire power.

They could tell at a glance that this was not an ordinary flame. The high temperature was so hot that even they could not withstand it.

The color of the flame was very gorgeous. It was demonic red on the outside, but there was nothing in the middle. It was like a wormhole in space, so black that it made people feel fear.

“This is the Nanming Primordial Fire!”

Mo Qingmeng cried out in surprise.

It was no wonder that she was surprised. This kind of flame was even fiercer than the heavenly flames. It had a powerful burning power, and even a star would be burnt to ashes.

She had seen the terror of this kind of flame in the ancient books of the sect, but no one had ever been able to truly control it.

This is because before you could walk in front of it, you would be turned into ashes.

From this, one could see the terror of this kind of flame.

However, because of this, countless warriors had tried to refine it, but only over tens of thousands of years, did people succeed.

To her knowledge, only the sect master of the Heavenly Fire Sacred Sect in the central region who had tamed a trace of the true spirit of the primordial fire could control a small amount of the Nanming Primordial Fire.

He could even fight across realms.

However, the Nanming Primordial Fire was surrounding Ye Changge’s body, and it created such a powerful aura. It was obvious that he had completely grasped the core of the true spirit.

Otherwise, he definitely would not have such a powerful aura.

Just the ripples of energy that leaked out were already so terrifying. If he were to use his full strength, t

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