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“You’re actually so protective of him.

“If the Bai Shengzi finds out, I’ll see how your Star Palace explains it.”

Li Hongyun belonged to Bai Zimu’s faction. When he saw that Mo Qingmeng was actually protecting Ye Changge, the anger in his heart could not be suppressed.

In the sect, who did not know that Bai Zimu was infatuated with Mo Qingmeng? If what they saw before them were to spread, there would be no place for Ye Changge in the entire northern desert.

These rumours were not alarmist.

If he were to directly send a voice transmission to Bai Zimu, he would probably immediately rush over.

However, he did not do this. It was not because he was afraid of Mo Qingmeng.

Instead, it was because Bai Zimu was currently in seclusion to raise his cultivation level for the engagement banquet in three months’ time, so that he could intimidate her at the engagement banquet.

“You don’t need to concern yourself with my matters.

“I know what I’m doing. I didn’t agree to this marriage.

“Even if it’s three months later, I won’t agree to it.”

Mo Qingmeng said purposefully.

She knew Bai Zimu’s character. He was a hypocrite with a sanctimonious appearance.

On the surface, he was a righteous disciple, but everyone knew about his dark history. However, they were all under pressure and did not dare to say anything.

How could Mo Qingmeng destroy her lifelong happiness and join hands with such a person?

Li Hongyun’s expression was dark. He did not know who this man was.

However, he understood that Ye Changge had already been sentenced to death. Seducing the fiancée of the Great Luo Heavenly Palace’s saint child was a capital crime.

No matter what, based on his understanding of Bai Zimu, there was no place for him in the world after this.

He did not need to act hastily. Ye Changge would not be able to live for long anyway.

With Mo Qingmeng’s protection, he could not act either.

Right now, what he wanted the most was the unborn treasure. It would not be too late to obtain the spiritual treasure that was about to be born before killing him.

With this thought in mind, Li Hongyun directly snorted and said, “You can’t escape your fate. It’s better for you to obediently accept your fate!

There are still three months left. Enjoy this last moment of freedom properly!”

After saying this, Li Hongyun directly flew away.

Only then did Mo Qingmeng relax. He was really afraid that Li Hongyun would suddenly make a move and kill Ye Changge.

His cultivation was only at the early stage of the Godly Spirit Realm. Even if he wanted to stop him, he was powerless.

But clearly, this was because she was worried about him.

Not to mention that Li Hongyun could not pose any threat to him, if it was not for Mo Qingmeng suddenly running over just now, even that counterattack could have caused him to die on the spot.

It could be considered that this kid ran fast.

Since when had

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